Princess Diaries – Girl with the Pearl Earring (Part 2)

Hey everyone! 

To continue with the eastern jewellery theme, I am excited to bring these stunning kundan and pearl earrings for the second edition of the series. 

How stunningly regal do they look? 

These luxurious pair of earrings are the perfect addition for any occasion, festivals (Eid or Diwali) and even for weddings. They are made of golden and white kundan design, met by intricate detailed pattern and finished off neatly by pearls that brings the whole look together. The detailing is just so beautiful as you can see. I just can’t get over how gorgeous they are! 

So, when the lovely Trisha from Glaminfinity contacted me to see whether I’d like to feature the earrings, I couldn’t contain my excitement! Yay! *big cheesy grin*

I have been a huge fan of kundan designs and have noticed so many kundan influences in the Arabian and South Asian jewellery recently that it has been very hard to miss! Of course, it’s always been evident in the south Asian jewellery designs, but it’s made quite a comeback not just in the subcontinent but in the western world too. 

Traditionally, it used to be associated with the royals and of the Mughal era but (luckily for us!) it has made huge waves into the fashion world! 

As a child, I’ve grown up listening to stories about the elaborate and opulent clothing and splendour jewellery worn by the kings and queens in the times of the the Mughal era. The Mughal period was one of the most opulent eras of jewellery making which can clearly be seen through pictures, writings and manuscripts. I wish I could transport myself to those times, it would’ve been so magical to experience it. (time travel anyone?!)

However, even though going back in time is not possible but luckily for us, we are able to enjoy and experience the same with our modern day jewellery influenced by the traditional Mughal designs and craftsmanship. 

So what exactly is kundan I hear you ask? 

Well, kundan is a gemstone jewellery involving a gem set with gold foil between the stones and its mount usually for elaborate necklaces. It helps to keep the gemstones in place, strengthen the setting and to give it a neat finished look. The gold foil additionally adds to its luxe appeal! 

Fun fact: This was the only form of setting for stones in gold until claw settings were introduced.  

Trisha offers you the same beautiful craftsmanship through her intricate designs. I love how these earrings make a statement! 

You will find a ton of designs in the shop that cater to your needs and taste. Also, if you have a specific design in mind, then Trisha will try her best to recreate it for you. There’s something so personal and unique about hand-made designs as it’s created exactly how you want it. Additionally, as well as jewellery there’s clothing and other gorgeous accessories that might take your fancy! 

Dazzle them with these statement making earrings.. 

Here’s  a closer look of the intricate kundan based design, you can see how the gold makes it visually appealing against the white stones..! 

Discover the uniqueness of ethnic jewellery.. 

What I love about kundan based jewellery (or white/ glass based stone jewellery)  is how versatile it can be. You don’t have to worry about the colour beads clashing with the attire, it fits neatly to any look, makes a great addition to western clothing and most importantly makes you feel like a princess! 👸 

These earrings are most def a must have for your fashion closet. They are so versatile and the design makes them last for time to come. It’s truly the perfect addition to your jewellery box! 

I would like to thank Trisha for the beautiful earrings she sent me, I will definitely be wearing it a lot.  I absolutely love them! ❤️

Please do take a look and see what treats you can snap up! 

You can also find Trisha on the social media below; 

Website here / Instagram here 

Until next time,

Keep sparkling! 

Sheema x


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