Autumnal picks + Gifts 2020

Hey everyone!

It surely seems like we’ve set foot in the Autumnal months now as the green leaves are changing their colour into the most incredible hues of red oranges, yellow and crimsons.

The light has shifted from the clear sunlight of summer to the golden light of autumn. This rich season brings a flurry of holidays and incredible warm treats.

It’s truly a breathtaking time of the year. Autumn is often a time of outstanding beauty. It’s the time where we are treated to a final burst of colour before the onset of winter. I’ve come across so many beautiful pictures on my Instagram timeline and am reminded yet again of the splendour of this season. I’ve mentioned this so many times previously and you’re most probably tired of me saying this again but it’s my most favourite time of the year. I eagerly look forward to this season with open arms and a warm heart.

Not only is this my birthday season (Whoop! that’s enough of a reason to love it right?! Haha) but I love the whole ambience and cosy feel it brings with it.. From the pumpkin patches to the Bonfire night, this season has it all covered for us. Don’t you agree?

For me however, it is also the time to slow down a little. This season brings about a sense of calm with it, letting go of anything that no longer serves a useful purpose. Its a time to reflect and prioritise so that you’re able to move ahead with a clear mindset. This is the season to harvest your inner light, letting it fortify and sustain you from within. I usually start my resolutions this time of the year as its a great season to harvest new intentions and let go of anything that’s pulling you down.

I don’t really set new year resolutions, but this is the time for me to re-organise my head space so that I can allow myself to reach new targets and goals. Some goals that I may have had no longer serve the same purpose and tick off any that I’ve already achieved. It’s almost a case of shuffling through and highlighting things that I want to focus on. I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal which I’ll talk more in detail about in a separate post that really helps me pen down anything I want to achieve over the coming months/year.

Oh I see myself digressing again, eeks! but I must come back to this post. I wanted to share a few autumnal bits and pieces that I have purchased over the last month or so.

So without further ado, let’s get right into it..

My hair has been suffering from dry spells for the last few months now.

I usually have an hair oil ritual that I do on a weekly basis but being a new mama has left me with little if not no time for any pampering.

So I decided to invest in this new Pantene haircare range as it consisted of oil treatments which would mean less time spent on my weekly routine of haircare but hopefully instant and quick results. Also who can resist such cute packaging right? ☺️

On a side note – I love shopping this time of the year as you get a lot more value for your money as everything is always packaged so pretty. It’s the perfect time to stock up on your beauty and haircare products and I find myself drawn to the gift sets isles whenever I venture to the city centre.

Oh and I must add, I find that washing your hair on a daily basis really strips your hair off its natural oils. I’ve always only washed my hair twice a week since I can remember as the natural oils work to make it more shinier bouncer and glossier.

Of course, it depends on each individual hair type but if you have thick long hair like myself then perhaps it might be something worth considering esp as we’re coming towards the winter months. With the weather and central heating causing havoc to our skin and hair, it’s time to be even more conscious of how we look after ourselves.

I had been looking for a lovely dress for my birthday and this sequin number from Asos caught my eye instantly.

It’s a lovely all over champagne sequin midi length dress with a mesh overlay. I love how it looked online and it was even better in person. I always find it’s always a little bit of a risk when you order online as at times the dresses never look how you envisioned them but this came out even better.

Unfortunately, it’s out of stock (or certainly was when I checked last) but they have very similar pieces available. I will highly recommend browsing through the Asos website if you’re on the hunt for a Christmas or a New Year outfit.

I’m not a foundation girl at all but I do love a little concealer.

I’m prone to a little redness around my cheeks and nose and find this concealer does the job of disguising it wonderfully. I’ve also developed the oh so dreaded dare I say undereye bags (all the sleepless nights with my little baby, you mama’s will all symoathise!) and so needed something that would work to conceal it. I’ve used Estee Lauder before and this little beauty works wonders.

This one is more on the heavier side but I found that with the chillier weather and the very dark under eye bags, I needed something that would be able to make me look a little more human. Ha!

As you can see it’s a little more heavier than my usual concealer’s but I will keep you updated on it. Also it’s a little more yellow-y compared to my skin tone but we’ll see how it works out.

I usually reach for the Borjois one but I thought a little change was needed. I also recommend switching up your makeup and haircare from time to time so that your skin and hair don’t get used to one range only. I will let you know how I get on.. Wish me luck!

You all know I’m a huge fan of pink/mauve colours and so when I came across this matte lip gloss from Max Factor I had to pick it up.

It came as part of a Summer trio set but I thought it was the perfect colour to transition into autumn. Though in essence it was a summer collection but I really loved the hue of this shade and needless to say it make it to my autumnal collection. I don’t know what it is but there are certain shades you can wear throughout the year and I think mauve is def one of them. It looks lovely on all skintones and is flattering on all ages. Do you find that also with certain colours? I’m sure we all have that specific shade we reach to at all times.

Gosh, if I could get a penny of all the times I’ve collected cute hair accessories then I’ll most def be a millionnaire by now.. *winks*

You all must know of my insane obsession with hair related products by now and so it comes as no surprise that I will mention it here again.. Eeeks sorry!

My mum (she’s just so sweet!) brought a few really cute metallic hair bands for me and I fell in love with them completely. I think metallics work really well with the autumnal wardrobe and can be so versatile to wear. I def recommend incorporating metallic hair accessories to jazz up your autumn/winter outfits with. I wear my hair in a loose bun these days and these are just the cutest accessory to add a little oomph to the hairstyle.

I am a huge fan of my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, though sadly it’s not readily available here in Spain.

So, on my trip to Sephora I decided to try the Eve Lom cleansing balm out. I had heard so many rave reviews and took the plunge instantly. I don’t want to see like such a downer but unfortunately despite all the lovely ingredients in this balm it did absolutely nothing for my skin. I have been using it for over 3 weeks now but my skin doesn’t feel any different to what it was when I started off.

I do understand every skin type is different and so what will work for me may not work for you and vice versa so please do bear this in mind when reading through my reviews.

However, sadly as much as I wanted to love this product my skin didn’t seem to love it as much. However, it has a lovely pungent clove smell which some may not like but I do love warm spices such as cinnamon and clove so that wasn’t an issue at all. Though I will finish this off and go back to my beloved Cleanse & Polish.

Finally, I wanted to end this post with some lovely cute little sparkly tulle hair clips that Shein sent to me very kindly.

My baby girl Anaya will love wearing these as I love dressing her up with cute hair accessories. She’s still a little too small for the bigger hair clips but I can’t wait till her hair grows so she can wear them too. Again you can style them with those festive outfits and they’ll truly look so adorable.

So we come to an end with some of my autumnal picks and I really hope you enjoyed reading through the post. If you have any recommendations or new season rituals then I’d love to know below..

You can also follow my musings on Instagram – here

Until next time,

Sheema xo

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