‘What’s in my bag’ – Autumn/Winter edition 2020 (with tips and tricks!) πŸ‚πŸ

Hey everyone!

With the new season almost upon us, I thought it’ll be the best time to bring to you an updated ‘What’s in my bag’ post.

I absolutely love reading and watching these kinda posts.. I just find them to be so therapeutic and relaxing, and not to forget it motivates me to re-organise my own bag too.

On a side note, the same happens when I’m watching any home-decor or cleaning videos, I find myself being Aggie and Kim from ‘How Clean is your House’ and hubby is always scared for his life when this happens.. Haha! If you’re a Brit, then you’ll know why.. I wish they would bring back the show. I used to love watching it.

Anyways, I digress (eeks!)..

So, let’s go back to old school posts and let me show you all the items of my handbag. Now, I have switched my very summery basket bag over to this Ralph Lauren tote bag for the new Autumnal season. I find it’s perfect for the colder weather (esp when raining as it cleans very easily), and most importantly it holds a lot more stuff as we tend to carry a lot more accessories for the cooler season. Therefore, a bag needs to be spacious enough to carry your everyday essentials like an umbrella, gloves, scarf etc especially if you’re living in a very unpredictable country like England.

Pss I’m presently living in Northern Spain but it’s a lot chillier than the rest of Spain this time of the year so these essentials are most def needed.

Wallet –

I have been a huge fan of classic, simple and chic designs when it comes to wallets. When shopping in Bicester Village a few years ago, I came across this in a boutique called Coccinelle and thought it’d be the perfect size for me.

They had an offer on at the time and these wallets were selling for Β£49 and though I felt it was still a little steep, I inevitably purchased it. How many of us can relate to this? πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ It was a beautiful colour that would carry nicely all year around and their leather goods are all hand-made. I decided to invest in it and it’s still holding up even though it’s been around 3 years since owning it. It’s been a great investment for sure.

I’m not one for spending a lot of money on designer goods so I prefer buying accessories such as these that are of good quality but don’t break the bank so to speak. Bicester Village boutiques always have discounts and offers running all year around so I will highly recommend visiting whenever you can especially if you like small leather goods and accessories but are on a budget.

Tip: I only keep my cards and notes in my wallets as putting coins just makes it difficult to carry around. It ends up weighing a lot and the zip to wallets often are first to be affected. So always try to carry a small coin purse in your main bag to avoid any damage to the wallet.

Coin purse –

Speaking of coin purses I have had this coin purse for so many years that I am even embarrassed to recall how long it has been πŸ™ˆ

I love it as my mum gave it to me many moons ago and I have been using it since. My bags may change every year but one thing that remains constant is this purse. It holds such a great amount of change and its so easier to find when kept separately in tote main bag. I usually put all my random coins/change in here and clear it out every week or so. If I recall correctly, my mum and I went Christmas sale shopping in the new year and we picked it up from Boots.

Tip: I find that Christmas sale shopping is the perfect time to buy little bags such as these. They’re discounted heavily and you end up buying some super cool gifts. A lot of my makeup bags and accessories are from Boots that I use all year around and always get compliments from others. They have so many lovely sparkly things that you’re spoilt for choice So this season I would say stock up!

Small accessories –

As you may be aware that I’m obsessed with pink so this post wouldn’t be complete without a splash of this lovely colour.

As a British expat living in Spain I carry my passport with me as we only live half an hour away from Southern France as our borders are so close to each other. Therefore, hubby and I usually (always rather unexpectedly) decide to venture out in our car and end up on the other side of the border on a road trip. So a passport gets used a lot and that’s the reason why I keep it in my main bag. As it gets taken out a lot I decided to purchase a cover for it. This one was a very affordable buy at Primark for only a couple of pounds. It helps to keep the passport safe and looks rather cute at the same time.

The small pouch is great for keeping my hair pins, scrunchies, spare receipts and other random things in.

Perfumes –

I usually carry a perfume with me but I personally prefer to keep a smaller size one for my bag.I find that the larger sizes can add an increased amount of weight to your bag and it can become a little too problematic.

Hence, I carry a bottle of my favourite perfume. It varies according to my mood and the season but currently it’s Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. I may even keep this on my vanity and may purchase the 35ml for my bag. I think that’s the right size to carry around as a 50ml bottle can be quite weighty too. Plus, I love how chic the small dainty little bottles look, don’t you?

I prefer sensual, woody and intense scents for the autumnal/winter season so anything that reflects the cosy ambience of the season will work well.

A perfect lippie

If you have been following me for quite some time then you’ll know I have worked for Chanel as a beauty consultant.

So it comes as no surprise that I love my lippies. I have a couple of colours that I switch up every season but to be honest I don’t change it much. I prefer my staple lip which is a pink/mauve shade. It doesn’t matter which brand but it has to be a lovely rosy matte colour. I’m always on the hunt for new shades.

I really like the chanel ones as not only are they’re moisturising but they are quite pigmented too. It stays on for hours and feels ever so moisturing on the lips. I know it’s a little pricey but I will highly recommend their lipsticks. Some products in Chanel are a tad over-rated (I’m being completely honest and may even write a separate blog post on it if you would like to see one ) as I have mentioned this once before but the lippies are worth every penny.

Tip: Here’s a tip I learnt from the Chanel makeup artist during my training; dab a little highlighter on the cupids bow and your lips will appear fuller luscious pout.

Eye shadow pallete –

Oh here’s a controversial statement but I don’t really change my palette much as I love my warm brown hues all year around. Of course the intensity and pigmentation vary depending on the season but ideally it’s my primary base of colours for my eyes.

I’ll add a lot more sparkle to the inner corner of my eyes during the festive season and during the summer I like to keep a dewy look. However, one thing that remains constant are my base colours. I love earthy brown/mocha/cappuccino hues that work really well with brown coloured eyes.

The above palette is the Aphrodisiac palette by Urban Decay. I’ve had it for around a couple of years now and I’m trying to use it up and hence it’s found a place in my bag.

I’ve recently finished off my Naked Palette from Urban Decay and before I make a new purchase I’d like to use up this one first. Previously I have used a Morphe palette that had so many lovely brown earthy colours but I find their colour pay-off is terrible. They’re not pigmented at all and it’s such a shame as they have such a selection of gorgeous colours. Hence I stick to my beloved UD collection.

A good slick of mascara, a little sparkle and voila!

Glow away

I had always underestimated the power of a highlighter. It was only during my training at Chanel that I realised this was such a powerful makeup tool.

This one by NYX is as good as any other luxury brand. Trust me, it works as well as any other good highlighter out there. The secret is to know how to ‘use’ it.

When we typically think of a highlighter we inevitably thing about the cheekbones right?.. Ahhh but here’s where you are missing out. Don’t let this be a wasted product sitting in your make up bag or hidden away in your drawers somewhere. Use it and utilise it well.. How you may ask? Here’s how..

Did you know highlighter is the greatest makeup ever to be made. I know I’m sounding dramatic but just hear me out. Whether you use it to enhance your cheekbones, your inner eyelids or to give your face a healthy bright and sparkly glow, highlighter can elevate your makeup game.

Too tip: Makeup insiders swear by this hack and it’s just what we need for the festive party season. So what is the hack? Dab a little highlighter or shimmer to you cupids bow, it instantly opens up your lips and makes them twice as big. So if you’re after fuller luscious lips then this is the hack to use. You can thank me later girl!

I always carry a shimmery nail colour in my bag especially during the festive season.

It instantly completes your whole look as well as adding a little sparkle to your outfit. If you’re afraid of sequins, sparkle and all the shebang then go for something on your nails instead. It’s subtle yet makes a statement at the same time.

Again, I purchased this nail colour during the Christmas sales and been rocking it come any season. It’s the perfect all year colour. NaiksInc do lovely sparkly shades so do check them out.

It’s all about the eyes –

Speaking of eyes, how can we forget my beloved shimmer. I’m a huuuuge fan of shimmer eyes (whether summer or winter!) and this must be my second or third pot from Urban Decay. It’s called Solstice and I can’t rave enough about this product. I’ve dedicated a separate post on this beauty so be sure to take a read as the colour pay-off is amazing!

Don’t believe me take a look below πŸ‘€

It’s an irrridescent blue-y, purple’y, and has silver flecks and so much more. It gives me spaceships and outer space kinda vibe. I’ve been mesmerised by this shade and have been using it for years.. If I could take one product to a desert island, it’d be this. You can see how it plays differently depending on the lighting. Even my hubby notices this on my eyes whenever we go on a date and always appreciates the colour. So this one needs to be snapped ASAP! Hee Hee 😁

I won’t go into the details for the above products but just know you can’t be out without these essentials.

A good hand cream us incredibly a must esp when the temperatures drop. This one is a rich intensive moisturising cream that has a beautiful scent to it. It may be a little too rich for some of you lovelies but if you are prone to dry hands then this is a steal.

Cosy and warm –

Now please don’t laugh at this but my family and friends will vouch for the fact that I’m the only human on earth who wears socks all year around.

They’re a comfort blanket for me. I have to carry socks in my bag everywhere. I even wear them during the summer evenings if need be (in the comfort of my own home of course!). Your gal isn’t that brave to venture outside just yet! πŸ™ˆ

Yes call me crazy! Perhaps I’m the only person who does this but if there’s someone out there, then hola at me! Also, I have to keep a spare pair of these cosies with me at all times. Ok let’s swiftly love to the next shall we..? πŸ™Š

As well as a shimmery nail colour a plum dark colour has to be my fave. It’s so winter-esque and looks great against those cosy winter wardrobe staples. I picked this shade when working at Chanel and it’s a beautiful plum shade.

Tip: I wouldn’t spend more than a couple of pounds on nail colours. Whether they’re luxury or high store, the formula is the same. There’s no difference at all. You’ll only be paying for the brand which let’s be honest is a waste of your hard earned cash. So please save those pennies!

Barry M and many similar nail brands do lovely colours and have a huge selection of pretty colours.. If I wasn’t working for Chanel and didn’t get my staff discount, I would never pay the full price for it. This colour shade is no different to my Essie nail colour and I’ll do a swatch over on my insta-stories so you can see the difference (or in this case the similarity!).

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post. I will be coming up with a lot more autumnal and festive content for you both here and over on my Instagram.

Why not come over and say hello – Instagram (I would love to connect with you on there)

Let me know below what your Autumn/Winter essentials are? Do you have any key products? Please share below..

Until next time,

Sheema xo

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  1. Ahh yes, that’s def a must! 😁 Oh no, I just realised I forgot to add my last paragraph about these essentials.. I’ve been so out of routine since becoming a mama..Eeks! I must get back to my old blogger self soon πŸ˜¬πŸ™ˆ xx


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