Quarantine life – and a little catch up! ☀️🌿

Hey everyone!

Woah, this year has really started off with a bang!

Never did I expect the whole world to come to a stand still and our lives taking a different direction due to the pandemic that we’re presently experiencing. It’s the kind of thing you see in movies but to be witnessing it in front of our very own eyes is just stir crazy!

However, despite the terrible situation, it’s taught us many things that I’m very grateful for. I will be writing a separate post on this but in this post I want to focus on the productive things that I’ve been doing whilst staying at home as well as a little catch up.

Well, spring has officially sprung.. and with it it’s brought a colourful bevy of blooms and glorious (almost!) midsummer heat. I was able to hear the birds chirping away from the bedroom window this morning and the chitter chatter of the neighbours on the balcony windows. Some were playing music to entertain themselves while being house bound and others were waving and chatting away from a distance.. Ahh I do miss the fresh air and long walks.. How we take these things for granted *sigh*.. I can’t wait for all of this to end soon so that we can resume back to our normal routine.

On the bright side, the lovely weather and the change in season had given me the motivation to start spring cleaning. What seemed to be an easy breezy task task seemed like a mammoth one due to the arrival of a newborn baby.. Yes we have a new bundle of joy and we’re very excited indeed. It just seems so surreal. We feel so blessed and grateful for this wonderful gift. It’s been the most wonderful (and exhausting of course!) weeks of our lives. Being a parent is hard work but just so special and rewarding. I used to hear people say this but truly understand what it means now. I feel you mumma’s (and daddies) out there. I can’t wait to share more details but again in a separate post.

(Father Daughter duo) ❤️

Here’s introducing little ‘Anaya’ to you all. Anaya is an Arabic name which means God gifted and she truly is. We are just so smitten with her.

Gosh, it just seems like so much has happened and I haven’t documented it at all. I guess that’s the reason why I had been missing on blogosphere.. My apologies! Eeks!

I’ve continued with my fun DIY projects and I’ll be sharing them on here too. I created the following rainbow motivational poster to put a smile to anyone who passes by our house. It’s up on our kitchen window and I hope it’ll brighten up the key workers, children’s and neighbours (post-man, delivery man etc) day.. 🌈

We’ve also been getting together from our apartment windows every 8 pm to do an appreciation clap for all doctors, nurses and medical staff to show our gratitude and support. Without them this wouldn’t have been possible. They really are our strength. Well done to them all. We really appreciate every single one of you around the world! 👏🏻

I have missed out on so many posts. However, now that I’m back in action, I’ll try to catch up on as many as I can. If you don’t follow me on Instagram then please do here. I do share a lot more on my insta-stories. Please do come and say hello and I would love to follow you back 💕

In the meantime, I hope you’re all keeping safe and healthy. I know these are tough times but we’re in it together and we’ll get through it. Just hang in there. Out rainbow is just around the corner!

Instagram: here

Until next time, keep safe and protected!

Sheema xx

18 thoughts on “Quarantine life – and a little catch up! ☀️🌿

  1. Aww thank you so much hun, I’m so glad to hear. We all really took to this name and its meaning.. ❤️ Ahh I really enjoyed making this poster. I was thinking of creating another one for the bedroom window.. It’s such an uplifting one.. You also keep safe lovely 🥰 xoxo

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  2. JazakAllah hun, you’re so right time is just flying by.. Alhamdulillah we’re having so much fun. Hopefully once I form a routine, I’ll be able to blog more regularly 😁 Thanks so much once again. It was so lovely to hear from you. Please keep safe and protected ❤️😘 xoxo

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  3. Aww that’s so kind of you Jess, it’s been a wonderful and special few weeks with the lil one and we’re absolutely loving it. It’s been such a joy and a blessing. I hope you’re keeping well hun ❤️ xx

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