‘All I want for Christmas is.. Sparkly Jewels’ – Jewellery/Accessories gift ideas for the festive season 🌙✨

Hey everyone!

Ho Ho Ho..! Its nearly that time of the year!

With Christmas fast approaching, many of us are undoubtedly fretting about what to wear for the various festival parties coming up.

The moment we enter December, the winter cold kicks in, the sun sets early (ahh cold gloomy days!), and Christmas celebrations are bound to be at the forefront of our minds.

Therefore, this post is dedicated to all those souls who will either be hosting or attending a party in the midst of the usual Christmas frenzy. I feel you girls!

With the party season upon us, we are spoilt with a ton of choices available on the high Street. However, one of the mistakes people make are to do with the accessories. More often than not, people spend so much time planning their outfit that the smaller items like a jewellery piece or a handbag can be easily forgotten.

Don’t overlook the fact the right accessory can bring an entire look together. The party season is the time to truly make your accessory stand out from the rest.

So with this in mind, I’ll be sharing a few tips and tricks that will be quite handy when planning your festive outfits. Are you ready? Buckle up then..!

Dress to Impress:

Choosing the right fabric has to be the most important factor when choosing the perfect party outfit.

The temptation to reach for all things glitter is at its highest, don’t forget to look beyond the garment and the fabric itself.

So what do I mean by this? Well, quite simply, even though it’s quite an obvious outfit choice, why not opt for a sequin top or a skirt instead. You have the option to combine the sequin skirt with a sheer blouse or a body suit and the sparkly top with some nice fitted trousers or a pleated skirt.

This gives you the dancing queen sparkly vibes but at the same time you feel quite comfortable and glamorous minus the chaffing around the collar or under the arms that come with a full on dress number.

Trust me, it has happened to me before. The sequins falling off on the night of the party isn’t an ideal look. Plus, you can’t really wear it again as the dress has lost its appeal due to the sparkles having fallen out from all sorts of places. You want to feel comfortable at the Christmas lunch or a party, and this look gives you a versatile option to style it in so many ways to suit any occasion.

If glitzy part wear isn’t for you, silky fabrics paired with statement accessories is equally stunning. It’s comfortable, stylish and glam.

Top tip: You can always add some lovely sparkly pair of (comfortable!) heels to rival any dancing queen on the dance floor!

However, why not go a step further (in terms of comfort) and try an embellished mule if you struggle to walk in heels. You can thank me later girl!

To organza or not:

Another lovely trend that I’ve been noticing everywhere are the organza tops and dresses. It’s just so difficult not to miss. It’s everywhere from runways to high street and I am not complaining. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it. Wohoo!

The reason I think it’s so versatile is that it gives you that sexy/sultry vibe but at the time time is very modest. You can wish to show your arms but keep everything else a little covered. I think it’s lovely for those ladies who don’t possibly want to expose their arms but want something that oozes a little glamour. For example, the top above that I’m wearing is lovely for an office day time look, but it becomes a perfect little stand out evening outfit when you add a sparkly skirt to it. The choices are endless!

There’s just so many different options to choose from. Whether it’s embroidery on an organza or sheer ones. You are simply spoilt for choice.

Again, it’s another lovely outfit that looks glamorous but also is perfect for the modestly dressed. The dresses I’ve seen online are absolutely beautiful, I will highly recommend taking a little look.

A little bit of a luxurious velvet touch:

Why not lend a sophisticated finish to your look this season by incorporating velvet into your festive wardrobe.

As on-trend, it’s luxurious fabric for elevating your day wear or leading your party outfit. *wink wink*

I’ve been a huge fan of velvet dresses (I don’t care what anyone else thinks.. Ha!). There’s something just so luxurious and lustrous about wearing velvet to a party or any occasion. The spotlight has fallen on this fabric this season as we are seeing a lot of velvet dresses, tops and jumpsuits online and I honestly think it’s the best way to feel glamorous yet comfortable for those after hours. With so many choices, ranging from deep berry reds to emerald greens, the jewel tones not only look expensive and full of festive cheer but also compliment all skin tones.

Now, if you’re not too keen on an all-velvet ensemble then you can certainly add a touch of it to your outfit instead. Whether it’s in a form of a waist belt (as above), jacket, or even a bow-clip for your hair, there’s tons you can do to keep the look interesting.

Even though the above outfit isn’t a total evening look but it’s perfect for those office days leading to the Christmas lunch and festive parties. Who doesn’t like to look a little festive in the office, I surely do! 🖤

Party dressing doesn’t have to involve sequins. Why not take a new approach with a velvet dress and some sculptural gold jewellery?

Gold Jewellery:

The festive season is the perfect time to style up, mix up pieces, create surprises, take risks to create a creative yet effortlessly pulled together look.

This season – step up your game and keep the focus on jewellery pieces in sync with today’s trends.

You can make a beginning with some dainty and delicate pieces from MissLuxurie that are perfect to give away to a special person or to keep for yourself.

These geometric earrings above are a perfect way to brighten a dark winter outfit or glam up a party ensemble. The dangly movement gives it a feminine touch without taking away from the outfit as a whole. They’re light-weight, fun and exciting.

On every catwalk, we have seen striking gold jewelery in every possible style. It’s been donned by runaway models, celebrities, you tubers to just about everyone.. And why not? It’s the most trendiest item of jewellery ever.

As you all may be aware, I am totally obsessed with wearing gold jewellery, it’s so versatile and instantly makes your whole outfit look pulled together. If there’s one thing you need to own in your jewellery box, then a nice piece of gold jewellery is the one. MissLuxurie create a lovely selection of jewellery that is apt for all ages, you can even get bespoke pieces that are coming up on their website soon.

I highly recommend snooping around on their website to see if you can catch some budget friendly sparklers for either yourself or your loved ones this festive season. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, please do as I’ll be modelling some of their pieces on my upcoming insta-stories.. The delivery is also free for all orders over £15 within the uk. Yay!

Why not enjoy a wide range of gorgeous products at an affordable price.

In need for more inspiration?


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Shine bright like a diamond:

Who doesn’t appreciate a little bit of a drama now and then?

As holiday season kicks in, now is the time to adorn and breathe life into your party outfit by choosing sparkling accessories to complement your outfit.

There are plenty of rhinestone to bejewelled accessories that will add drama wherever you go.

Don’t be afraid to play with different textures and fabrics, nothing says party time quite like this fun tinsel/sequin bag from Stradivarius. They have so many more on their website, also very glam and budget friendly.

Stradivarius – here

The perfect bow:

Bows are the perfect fashionable accessory for the festive (winter in general) season. They look just so cute and is the perfect accessory for when you’re fully covered from top to bottom in a cute winter outfit.

This particular one I’ve ordered from Piqinita and it doubles as a hair bow and a brooch. Isn’t it just so beautiful and versatile? Oh and don’t forget it also has elements of velvet and jewel which is just the perfect combo for this season.. Eeks I’m so excited to style this one up.. Don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram below .. 🌙


I really hope you enjoyed my little edit on the shimmering items you need in your life!

Do share your favourites with me, I’d love to know what you think..

Don’t be shy, come and say hello!

Instagram – here

Until next time, keep sparkling!

Sheema xo

6 thoughts on “‘All I want for Christmas is.. Sparkly Jewels’ – Jewellery/Accessories gift ideas for the festive season 🌙✨

  1. Christmas is the perfect time for all the sparkle, I love the organza that’s everywhere too. The rose necklace is gorgeous, might have to check them out, though I really don’t need any jewellery! I really like that bow, I’ve never thought of adding bows to things but I like the mix of materials and the jewel on it looks so good too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh yes, I’ve been crushing on organza and saw so many beautiful pieces online. I’m trying to find classic pieces that will be with us for quite some time. But I agree, all the sparkly things during this season just keep the temptation alive even though I’m trying to be really good this time 😭 The rose pendant is really versatile hun as you can wear it throughout the year. It’s a lovely sturdy classic piece that won’t go out of fashion. It’s also not flimsy like a lot of the similar pendants I’ve seen around in the shops. P.s – the bow is gorgeous. It reminds me of an old Hollywood era and it looks really pretty on.. I’ll share the styling tips on my insta-stories too ❤️ xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve been waiting for this post. Everything is stunning, and I LOVE the rose necklace. Will check their website out . You look stunning in the outfits 😍 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Aww thank you so much Amy, I’m so pleased to hear. Yes, I love the rose necklace and the earrings too. They’re just so lovely to wear for your festive parties. I’d def recommend browsing their website as the prices are very budget friendly.. Thank you again darling 💕😘


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