Working for Chanel – A dream come true!💄

Hey everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ll already know that I have been appointed as a Beauty Consultant for Chanel.

This is a very exciting opportunity indeed and one I’m really looking forward to. As most of you will agree, Chanel is one of those brands that ooze style, class and sophistication. I have been in love with this luxurious brand since I was a little girl and to be be able to work with them at such close quarters is truly something else. It’s truly a dream come true!

With the festive season upon us, it’s the perfect time to start. I always believe that when you’re put in the deep end, you end up learning so much more. With the flurry of customers, seeking advice, recommendations, and assistance, you really need to be on top of your knowledge game. I have had a fabulous week so far and can’t wait to see more happy faces leaving the counter content that they’ve made the right choice.

So, would you like to know what it’s like to work for Chanel? Firstly, let me tell you it’s no easy task. You really need to know your stuff inside out. With so many in depth interviews, there’s no easy way out. I did hear Chanel are very particular when it comes to selection. Every word, posture and behaviour is being judged. It really is nerve-wrecking but I guess they need to make sure they select the right candidate to represent their brand. Ok, I’m making it sound so dramatic, it’s nothing as such but nonetheless you really need to know the brand and products quite well. So get researching girls!

You need to do a lot of research into the products, know your history and most importantly be able to connect with the clients. I always say, be yourself in interviews. Employers love it when they can see your personality, so always smile, be polite but most importantly be your true self. That’s your USP which makes you special!

The dress code is all black outfit – smart and stylish. You have to have your hair tied up (preferably in a bun). Gosh, I did find this to be tough as my hair never stays put in a bun. I remember watching numerous YouTube videos on how to make hair buns.. even with a million bobby pins, they would fall out during the day. I’m much better now, so I say! Ahh why must you do this Chanel?! 🙄

Did you know – Chanel no 5 perfume has been the best selling perfume of all time. It seems that the scent is as popular with the millions of other women.

In fact actress Marilyn Monroe once quipped: ‘What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5 of course.’

Chanel No 5

Arguably the world’s most iconic perfume, Chanel No 5 has held the beauty industry’s attention since its creation in 1921. Named after the number of the sample presented to Coco Chanel by perfumer Ernest Beaux, the fragrance is made up of jasmine, rose, sandalwood and vanilla. The scent is instantly recognisable and the formula used to produce it has changed little since its creation.

As I’ve only recently started with the brand, there’s lots more to learn. However, I will be sharing a lot more of Chanel insider tips and tricks on my blog. If you have any questions or queries, then do let me know below. I’ll try my very best to answer them.

Wishing you all happy holidays and a very Happy New Year 2019! 🎉


Until next time,

Sheema xo

27 thoughts on “Working for Chanel – A dream come true!💄

  1. Thank you so much. love, I’m very grateful. I had experience working with luxury brands previously and as a result applied for Chanel as an opportunity arose for a beauty consultant. It was a long interview and selection process as the roles are highly coveted but once they know you’re suitable for the role and are able to demonstrate product knowledge and customer service experience, it’s smooth sailing from there.. At the end of it all, the much awaited congratulatory phone call is such a delight! ☺️ xx

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  2. If you like, I was thinking of nominating you for my next Sunshine Blogger Award. There’s no need to participate in the quiz if you’d prefer not to, it’s mainly to broaden awareness of interesting blogs for new readers. Might you be interested?

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  3. Aww thank you darling, that sounds lovely! I’d love to participate ☺️ As I’ve just started my new job, it may just take me a little while to complete the award, I hope you don’t mind. It’s just so busy at the work front presently but will have it up for as soon as I can. Thank you so much for thinking of me! 💕😘

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  4. Sheema, congratulations on working for Chanel. That’s great! How’s it going for you? Are you still enjoying it?

    I bet there are a lot of opportunities for learning and growth. Good for you.

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  5. Thank you so much Debbie, it’s been wonderful so far and there’s just so much to learn. It was a little over-whelming at first (as started during the busy festive season!) but now I’ve settled in all fine and am having tons of fun. It’s been a great learning curve for me and I can’t wait to share the insider tips and tricks on here for you all! I hope you’ve been keeping well. It was just so lovely to hear from you. Sending lots of love 💕😘


  6. Many Congratulations to you! That is wonderful 🙂
    I love Chanel products. Worth the investment. But now I know where to come for the insider info. I’ve been searching for a highly effective anti-age face care and a good eye cream that will help with darkness under eye. If you can recommend a product that really works well, I may have to try it.

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  7. Aww thanks so much hun, that’s so sweet of you! 💕 I’m really enjoying working for Chanel and it’s truly been a dream come true.. ahh yes of course, Chanel’s Le Lift eye cream is really good for firming and lifting the eye area. It also helps with diminishing crows feet and wrinkles around the delicate eye area. However, even though it is a little pricey but I’ll be honest they really have good quality ingredients which are highly effective and worth the investment. I’d also recommend any eye cream that contains retinol as it really targets under eye darkness. I believe Vichy do a really good one for it. In fact, I’ll do a post on it very soon lovely which should help with any concerns.. please let me know if you have any other queries and I’ll include it all in the post.. thank you so much for your lovely comment. It always is so lovely to hear from you! Much love 💕😘

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  8. Thank you for the suggestion! I will have to look into that product. It’s so difficult to find something that really works!
    Sure, I can let you know. No problemo 🙂

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