Crabtree & Evelyn Edit – and a cheeky Father’s Day gift pick..! 

Hey everyone! 

Father’s Day is soon approaching and Crabtree & Evelyn have a range of gifts, carefully crafted to suit every Dad. Discover scents that he will love, from the fresh herbaceous Gardener’s collection to the warming Moroccan Myrrh cologne. 

Gift Dad with the thanks a hero deserves..! 

Crabtree & Evelyn’s men’s cologne and eau de parfum products are the perfect luxury additions to your nourishing routine, or as a gift for the special man in your life. Discover a variety of scents compromised of distinguished blends of wood, spices and herbs for the well groomed man. 

Sheema’s top pick of the day! 

Moroccan Myrrh Cologne; 

This one is literally my top favourite. It is a beautiful classy scent which lasts all day. It’s a true gentleman’s scent. 

So what is a gentleman’s scent, I hear you ask…?

What separates a man from a gentleman is that a man will literally douse himself in a scent, a gentleman does not. He only needs a subtle spray to get noticed. 

Its mysterious and alluring notes will command the attention of the crowd effortlessly without seeming too overpowering, ultimately captivating the attention of the crowd. 

No wonder why then this signature scent has been a firm favourite with Crabtree and Evelyn customers, making this collection an ideal gift for this year’s Father’s Day. 

Initially I really did think it’ll be quite a strong scent due to the Moroccan vibes. However, I was ever so pleasantly surprised at how subtle and easy going this cologne is. It really is the perfect everyday wear scent that is perfect for your father, husband, brother or anyone special in your life. 

The packaging is absolutely stunning, the scent comes in a glass bottle which is very chic. It has a very expensive feel to it. I personally believe even if you have a very tricky family member to make a gift purchase for, this would be the perfect cologne for them. 

Here is a little excerpt from Crabtree & Evelyn’s website regarding this cologne.. 

Our beloved aromatic Nomad collection has returned with a brand new design. In this distinguished fragrance, warm and spicy myrrh is blended with sparkling, verdant notes of bergamont and petitgrain, spiked with black pepper and cardamom. The precious resin is further enriched with smoky mysterious tones of guaiacwood, and amber, resulting in a signature that’s exotic and intriguing”. 

Goatmilk Body Care Duo;

This Body Care Duo is all about hydration, calm and comfort. This luxurious duo is the perfect gift for dad’s who have all hands on deck! 

This is for the chaps who need a bit of TLC after a hard day’s work. It’s the ultimate relaxation kit that will take care of any stress of the day. 

Top Tip: The fatty acids found in goat milk have moisturising qualities and keep skin soft. 

With high levels of vitamin A, it can improve your complexion, fight acne and improve overall skin health. 

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry on and smother this delicious goodness for the ultimate Cleopatra-esque results! 

Make someone with sensitive skin smile with our Goatmilk Body Care Duo. Give this luxurious gift formulated to comfort and calm. Enchanted with our sensitive active strength, made with nutrient-rich, free-range goat’s milk, oat kernel, bisabolol allantoin and vitamin E, this gentle cleansing and moisturising duo will leave even the most delicate skin feeling incredibly soft, soothed and loved”. 

* Goatmilk Body Care Duo 

* Ideal for sensitive skin 

* Left feeling soft and soothed. 

Gardners Intensive All-Purpose Balm

This is quite simply the most versatile product form the range. It’s an all-purpose balm which is great for very dry skin areas especially around the elbows and knees. 

It also comes in a very handy travel size which means you can keep this little gem on the go. It’ll easily fit into a bag or even a pocket, allowing you to use it as and when needed. 

I have been using this product for quite some time now and can quite honestly say, I cannot do without it. I particularly get chapped lips during the hotter and colder seasons and this balm is all I need. I can see this product being thoroughly used throughout the seasons and it would def be on my repeat purchase list. 

Top Tip: It can also be applied to the heels and the balls of the feet to moisturise and soften the skin area. I will recommend wearing socks straight after so that your feet are left soft and moisturised after. It makes for a great night treatment! 

Similarly, the hand cream is also very moisturising without leaving a greasy residue. It’s a perfect all rounder hand cream, making it the ideal unisex gift. 

Crabtree and Evelyn have put together a unique collection of products that is sure to suit any individual. Whether it’s the classic, sporty, stylish or the techy dad, you are sure to find the perfect gift. 

If you would like to see a range of gift ideas, why not head over to Crabtree and Evelyn website and pick out your perfect gift to make Father’s Day even more special. 

Do let me know how you get on in the comments section below, I’d love to know. 

Have a lovely Father’s Day this weekend and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @throughmylens123 for more exciting posts! 

Until next time, 

Sheema xo 


20 thoughts on “Crabtree & Evelyn Edit – and a cheeky Father’s Day gift pick..! 

  1. Aww thanks so much lovely, I’ve just wrapped it all up and it’s all ready to give to my father later.. it’s such a lovely cologne, it makes the ideal gift for any man of the house! 💕😍 xx

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  2. I cant help but notice the great efforts and attention to detail you put in each of your posts everytime…from selecting the perfect words to arranging the stuffs for that perfect picture!! Love reading them!

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  3. Aww you always make my day with your sweet comments Sifar, thank you so much for appreciating all my efforts. It really makes me happy when I read such beautiful comments. Cheers girl! ❤️😘 xx

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  4. Oh my apologies, I didn’t realise 😳 Oh that’s not a problem at all. You’re very welcome Sifar. Thank you so much and I hope you continue to enjoy reading the posts 😍🤗


  5. Haha… I know that’s the reason!! 😁😁 But i appreciate whatever I like and which deserves appreciation so will keep on doing it!! I love your style of writing and the places you often visit and the colors and art!! 😊😊😊

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