Dance till Dawn – Channelling my inner Gypsy/Banjara Look 🌙🔮🎉

Hey everyone! 

If there is one trend that is fast catching up with the savvy fashionista’s, celebs to runaway models, then it most certainly is the eclectic mix of bohemian fashion. 

It has increasingly become very popular especially on social media and why not! It’s vibrant, trendy and very easy to work with. You can layer it on for a statement making look, or keep it subtle yet chic.. the choice is endless! 

Boho, Banjara, Kuchi, Tribal, Afghani, Bedouin, are just some of the names you may have heard being thrown around. I must confess, I had no idea what Kuchi meant prior to this. I decided to research a little on it, and much to my delight was amazed by the history behind it.  

Kuchi jewellery is rich with influences from many cultures. The word Kuchi is a Persian word meaning migration, in relation to nomads or gypsies. They produce many beautiful pieces of jewellery using coins, bells and large colourful glass.

I love the use of vibrant colours, semi precious stones and metallic threads used for the jewellery designs. It can be mixed worn with several dresses and looks as it incorporates so many colours in its designs. 

I particularly love the use of gold and silver metal. I really can’t choose which team I’m on. Haha! 

The jewellery finds itself influenced by many cultures especially those of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, ranging to Middle East and far South Asia. 

It often incorporates jewels of transparent coloured glass, shining mirrors, metallic threads, colourful beads, pom poms, and bright fabrics. You’ll also notice different kinds of dangles and bells that are believed to ward off evil spirits. 

I’ve always been fascinated by tribal jewellery, probably because I’m a Pathan myself. 

I’ve grown up with women dressing up in colourful attires, wearing beautiful intricate jewellery and stunning hair jewels. This was more prominent when I used to go to Pakistan for my summer holidays. 

The tribal women there were exquisitely dressed and it only sparked my interest to get to know more. So I guess, somewhere deep down, it had left a mark on me. Also, who doesn’t love dangly jewellery with lots of charms and bells. I certainly do! 

The nomads and semi nomads are generally called Kuchi in Afghanistan, who mostly keep sheep and goats. They’re known for their colourful jewellery as much as their costumes. 

I have been sent a lovely Afghani embroidered dress from Audrey (owner of AllAboutAud), which is a vintage boutique based in Brighton with a bohemian Gypsy vibe. 

The dress is a stunning 100% rayon (this fabric feels like a heavy soft cotton), with silver tassels and embroidery patches on the sleeves, yoke and back which is absolutely stunning. The skirt part is very wide so lots of twirling! Seriously guys, when I say wide, I really mean it!

P.s –  I really feel like the lady in the emoticon! 💃🏻

Even though it seems like a lot of fabric, it’s actually very lightweight and very easy to wear. It’s also very cool albeit the heavy design which is perfect for the summer season. 

Here’s a close look of the detailed embroidery work on the dress.. 

I absolutely love the blue, green and yellow thread work, it’s so unique and the colours work very well. 

The beauty of this trend is that anything goes. There’s no right or wrong way of dressing it up. You can accessorise as many pieces as you like, or keep it understated and subtle. Either way, you’ll be making a stylish entrance. 

Using vintage tribal prints and fabrics, Banjara embroidery features hand-sewn beads, decorative mirrors, tassels and coins into blends of cotton and silk fabrics. There’s tons of vibrant colour and the eclectic mix of textiles and fabrics, make it ever so unique. 

The intriguing vibrant, folk-inspired embroidery on the yoke, back and cuffs are simply eye catching and will make for a total show-stopper look! 

The dress will ensure all day comfort. Just team it up with either ankle boots or gladiator sandals, and you’re ready to hit the festivals. 

‘ The Perfect statement accessory to brighten up any festival look’ 

Oh and a little about what a Banjara means.. (as I’ll be using this term a little more throughout this post) 🤔

Banjara are a group of nomadic people who create a lifestyle based on traditional and beautifully crafted pieces. It involves specialised intricate embroidery which consists of stitching pieces of mirror, decorative beads and coins onto clothes. These stunning designs extend to jewellery and accessories. 

What I love about this trend is that it knows no boundaries. It’s increasingly becoming a wardrobe must-have. Whether it’s for casual afternoons, a special occasion, an evening celebration and or general wear. 

Can you see the beautiful design at the back of the dress, just so gorgeous! 

Now, we have the Kuchi jewellery all the way from Oman, Omanie Jewelry has very kindly sent me these pieces to go with this look. 

Here, you see this beautiful vintage afghani tribal ring. It consists of pink glass stones that just look exquisite. 

I absolutely love the armour design of this ring, it’s very comfortable to wear despite its size and really pulls an outfit together. It’s also adjustable so you can choose to wear it on any finger you like. 

Personally, I love wearing big statement rings either on my middle or an index finger. It feels more comfortable for me. 

I have also been sent the jewellery you’re seeing me wear with the dress above, it’s an ethnic tribal Kuchi necklace made of black cloth, beading and white embossed material with glass and fabric, finished off with some pom pom. It’s a great addition to your boho/tribal fashion outfits. 

‘ Giving you the summer festival look’ 

Giving you that splash of colour for the perfect Gypsy style! 

Fun fact: The moon represents the feminine and the bells wear off the evil eye. It’s a unique vintage nomadic necklace that twinkles and rattles believing to ward off the evil. 

I love the different coloured gemstones on this necklace, the central piece is completed by the use of vibrant pink pom poms which is just so cute. As usual, I love dangly jewellery so the rattle of the bells is just an added bonus. I love the jingly (is that a word?) noise it makes! 

These striking accessories and clothing are one of a kind, individual and very unique as worn by the Bedouin women travelling through lands without borders. 

‘ Inspired by the love of colour, textiles and travel’  

Why not immerse yourself with the mysteries of Arabia, Africa, Mediterranean and the Orient. 

Top Tip: Over accessorize your outfit, nothing has to mix and match. Just pick up different elements from all around the world. There are simply no rules! 

This fashion is for you daring, free-spirited boho souls that are creative in your own ways. You don’t follow fashion, rather see art in everything. It’s a great fusion of east and west, therefore elevating your outfit to the next level. 

So, if you’re inspired by the love of colour, textiles and travel, then this style is def for you! 

Let me know of your thoughts below, I’d love to hear from you! 

Dress: Facebook here/ Instagram here

Jewellery: Website here/ Instagram here/ Facebook here 

Until next time, 

Sheema xx


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