A Tribal Affair..! From Ethnic Traditions to Modern Day Catwalks…! ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Hey everyone! 

As you know ethnic tribal jewellery has been extremely popular, not only for its beautiful vibrant designs but also due to the symbolic and cultural meaning it gives to its wearer. 

When I think of ethnic or tribal jewellery, eclectic, primitive, vibrant, funky, boho are just some of the few adjectives that come to my mind. 

The beautiful explosion of coloured and weighty ornaments adorned by nomadic groups embossed with dangly coins, shells, beads are simply breath-taking. 

The large elaborate silver/gold pieces, with colourful stones and intricate detailing all make the jewellery stand out and draw attention to its craftmadnship. The humble use of high grade silver, gold, glass, beads, horn, coins, indigenous stones ensure that each piece looks delicately beautiful and visually appealing. 

These days, we’ve seen how tribal jewellery has become a wardrobe must have. We’ve see elements of ethnic tribal prints and patterns trending on the catwalks to celebs wearing and rocking them.. (think boho chic) Boom! It’s all the rage at the moment! ๐Ÿ’ฅ 

I have particular been obsessed with ethnic tribal jewellery for the longest time. Tribal jewellery bears an earthy charm, making it truly unique and personal. 

The beauty of this is that it is so easy to wear and can be incorporated into your current wardrobe with ease. You can be making a style statement yet at the same time it doesn’t feel uncomfortable or heavy. 

Therefore, when Lasmina from The Tribal Bohemian sent me these lovely pieces, I was very excited.  

Lasmina has just opened up her Etsy shop which consists of chic and rustic jewellery that will appeal to you all. Please do take a look and say hello!

First of all, the jewellery came in a beautiful packaged box which instantly made me think that it’d make for a lovely present or a gift. I really didn’t want to open it as it looked so beautiful. There’s no need to spend time on gift wrapping with this lovely packaging..  Don’t you agree? 


I received two beautiful pieces, one a suede wrap around choker and the other a beautiful glass beaded cuff. 

Usually when we think of tribal jewellery, we think of heavy embossed designs. However, Lasmina has created tribal jewellery with a twist. It is simple, lightweight, and for every day wear. 

I absolutely fell in love with both the  pieces, especially the glass beaded  cuff.

It instantly reminded me of my favourite show ‘Xena- the warrior princess’.. does anyone remember it? I used to be obsessed with it.  

Gosh, I remember wanting to be exactly like Xena, saving the world from the evil villains.. haha (hmm a story for another day!) ๐Ÿ˜†

Ahem, back to the post.. 

It completely reminds me of those Mayan/Aztec times, where gold and indigenous stone were heavily used for their jewellery. It has a very ancient rustic vibe to it.

The cuff bangle is just so striking that the pictures really do no justice to it. It’s very difficult to capture the blue/green-turquoise colours that reflect off the glass beads.. it’s just so gorgeous! 

It’s a beautiful rustic gold bangle that had glass beads layered all across it which is finished off with some beautiful gold string wiring it all together. 

It’s so simple yet so appealing. I’ve been wearing my piece since I’ve received it as it just goes with everything. I love the warm golden hue that it gives off, especially for those summer days.. It’s truly an ideal everyday piece.

Top Tip: It would make for a lovely arm cuff too! 

I also love the fact that it’s a cuff bangle, therefore you can adjust it according to your wrist size. 

I have tiny wrists so it’s always very difficult for me to find anything that fits perfectly. (unless I specifically have it custom made). However, this is not possible when you’re trying to shop around in stores that are chain based. So a cuff bangle eliminates that completely (luckily!) ๐Ÿ˜… 

It is also Nickel and Cadmium free which is just an added bonus! 

Secondly, we have this lovely suede wrap around Aztec choker.. 

This lovely wrap around choker is just what you need to put an outfit together. 

It’s earthy, bohemian and offers a rustic chic vibe. I love the wrap around feature as you can wear it doubled up or as one long necklace. It’s completely your choice! 

P.s – having said that I love it wrapped around as you can see below 

Oh the warm gold hues.. โœจ

I’m absolutely obsessed with the warm hues of the rustic gold within this jewellery.. very Aztec like! 

The gold fringe is also so enchanting. It gives a lovely charm to this piece. 

It’s the perfect holiday jewellery for when you don’t want to feel too ‘done up’ yet want to keep it elegant and chic at the same time. It simply screams summer jewellery to me! Imagine those long summer days wearing these beautiful pieces over your floaty dresses โ˜€๏ธ 

Now, don’t feel like you’ve missed out. Grab yourself a piece of this boho chic.. Be one of the first buyers and get 30% discount (Wohoo!) 

Enter code – TRIBAL 30 

Don’t think, just check out the range below

You can also find Lasmina on the following social media; 

Website – here / Instagram – here

Until next time, 

Sheema xx 


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