Crabtree and Evelyn La Source Collection Review 🌊🐚🚿

Hey everyone!

Dreaming of ocean, waves and sun-filled days..? β˜€οΈ 

Why not transport your senses with these products from the La Source collection from Crabtree and Evelyn.

If you can’t make it to the ocean, why not bring it closer to you. Indulge yourself with the restorative powers of the sea. Bring spa treatment into the comfort of your home in minutes..! 

So what is the La Source collection? 

The La Source collection draws inspiration from the restorative powers of the sea around us and is carefully designed to restore, condition and rejuvenate the skin from head to toe. Formulated with a blend of ingredients such as underwater algae, mineral salts and seaweeds, the products in this collection allow you to escape everyday life and immerse yourself in spa-like rituals. 

The good news..! You don’t have to book an expensive spa for some much needed momentary bliss.. You can experience the luxurious bath and spa like feeling right in the comfort of your own home (minus the expensive bill of course!) Woohoo! πŸ›€ 

So let’s talk about the Refreshing Body Wash (250ml) first. 

The body wash is enriched with ocean goodness, which features a refreshing marine blend of anti-oxidant rich green seaweed extract, purifying brown algae extract and mineral rich Dead Sea salts to condition the skin as you cleanse. 

I have tried the products on myself so that I could give an accurate and honest opinion. Therefore, my opinions are based on my experiences of using the products so far. 

This body wash reminds me of the ocean. It has an instant uplifting sea breeze scent, and gives off a very squeaky clean feeling after a wash. You instantly feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 

What I particularly think is interesting is that as it’s an ocean inspired scent, therefore it could be easily used by the men too. It would make a lovely gift for the guys on special occasions. The packaging is very simple and chic. I think they would love it! (Sshhh my hubby has already taken this body wash from me..!) 

As I live close by to the beach, it instantly takes me back there. I can feel the warmth of the rich sunsets, the azure blue oceans and the uplifting sea breeze in this bottle. 

You would be mistaken to think it’s a blue coloured body wash, in fact it’s completely transparent. I’m so exposed to seeing different coloured gels everywhere (I love those too!) that this was a pleasant surprise! I guess this is the reason why it feels super light and gives a very fresh, crisp and a clean feeling. 

It also has a gentle pH balanced formulation and dermatologically tested. 

I always head towards the floral/fruity scents (ahh those are my favourites!) in a shop but this was an experience for me. To be able to try something that I perhaps wouldn’t reach for, really changed my thinking. I’ve used lots of fruity/floral based products from Crabtree and Evelyn before, but this was new and equally wonderful. 

For all you ocean lovers, this will be a delight! 🐠

Next, we have the Hydrating Body Lotion (250ml). 

This lotion is packed with nurturing Vitamin E, shea butter and glycerin. It features anti-oxidant rich green seaweed extract and nourishing blue sea kale. 

What I like about this body lotion is that not only is it filled with so many natural ingredients but that it nourishes the body and is super light. It absorbs completely into the skin, leaving you with a perfect satin-soft hydrated skin all over. 

Once you apply it on yourself, it leaves a very ocean breezy scent that isn’t very strong but makes you feeel super refreshed. It’s the sort of scent that uplifts you instantly. You know how you take a quick nap and feel super energised? Yes, that feeling completely!

Fragrance: A crisp, clean scent of refreshing aquatic notes, musk and gentle shoreline breezes. 

I love products that are natural and botanical based. 

The hypnotic scent coming from the Crabtree and Evelyn shop hits me every time I walk past it. It is no secret that I absolutely adore their products and packaging. 

My very first product was the Jojoba Oil that my mum and I purchased and I have been back numerous times for my floral bath products. Now, that I have experienced the magical ingredients of the marine plants and minerals in the La Source collection, this has truly opened my eyes to experimenting with different products. 

I’m so glad I was sent these items to review as I have gained a new perspective on trying different products. 

So before, I finish this post.. I’m going to leave you a picture of the beach where I took all the photographs above.. sending some ocean breeze your way..! 🌊 

P.s this beach has a beautiful selection of sea shells which makes it so much fun shooting! 🐚 

Until next time, 

Sheema xx

Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions/feedback are my own and 100% honest. 


17 thoughts on “Crabtree and Evelyn La Source Collection Review 🌊🐚🚿

  1. Aww so lucky, though it’s always so tempting when these shops are so close to us.. I usually end up going for one thing and come back with a truck full of things 😬 haha (but def worth it) 😘 xx

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  2. Oh wow congratulations hun, this is so exciting and you’ll be amazing as you’re really talented! I’m def going to be taking a look at it! All the best sweety! I’ll head over to your blog to read all about it πŸ’•xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aww thank you so much for stopping by and for your lovely comment. Ooh yes I agree, the scent of their products are just so heavenly.. this range is just a breath of fresh air esp for all those ocean lovers.. I must say, I do love a bit of Crabtree and Evelyn spa ritual at home πŸ’•β˜ΊοΈ

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