Pinaash Art Jewellery – Jewellery fit for a Princess! πŸ‘‘

Hey everyone! 

I have had such a great time creating and bringing the traditional Eastern and ethnic jewellery collection to you. I’ve loved the process of selecting and bringing some unique and versatile pieces. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I have loved creating the series for you. 

Now who doesn’t want to feel like a princess?! These timeless jewellery pieces will make any wearer feel like one. It’s elegant and classical with just the right amount of charm. 

Well, Pinaash Art Jewellery provides you with all the right accessories and much more at their jewellery boutique. Woohoo! πŸ‘ΈπŸ» 

Pinaash Art Jewellery specialises in contemporary and traditional bridal and occasion wear jewellery, with a modern touch which is very evident throughout their collection. It’s a jewellery lovers delight!

“Traditional jewellery for the modern bride.” 

The jewellery is created to make you feel like a queen for your special day. It’s stunning traditional jewellery for life’s precious occasions. The beautiful sets are sure to make you stand out in the crowd, they’re hand crafted to give you that traditional regal look – you simply can’t go wrong! 

‘Dazzle with this elegant set that is sure to be a show stopper..’ 

Pinaash Art Jewellery have very generously provided me with the following set. They have been extremely generous and provided the full set which includes the necklace, earrings and a maang-tikka! (Or else known as a forehead Jewellery). Gosh, as soon as I opened the box and laid my eyes on it, it just took my breath away.. It’s such an elegant and a royal looking set that I was simply mesmerised. Do you blame me? Just take a look below πŸ‘€ 

” Magestic, Regal and Royal..” 

This is a beautifully crafted gold and blue stone studded necklace set with matching earrings and a tikka. The vibrant blue stones and crystals against the gold gives it that regal look which instantly takes your look to the next level. I always associate blue/navy with royalness and you have just that with this elegant set. 

You can match it to upgrade your saree or lengha or any outfit and stand out in any wedding, reception or a party. 

I adore the traditional yet modern approach to this set. The design is exquisite and the blue stones so vibrant and sit ever so neatly against the gold hue. I love how traditional it looks, yet how conveniently it can be made to look modern.

So here’s a little excerpt from the Pinaash Art Jewellery website; 

“Pinaash Art Jewellery is a Brisbane Australia based boutique jewellery store offering you the best in Indian costume jewellery. We have a wide range from all time traditional pieces to modern or fusion jewellery. 

We have personally selected all the jewels to suit all tastes; be it simple, elegant, sparkly, heavy it just anything to make you stand out from the crowd. 

Our selection comes in Gold work, Kundan, Polki’s, Pearls, Coloured stones, intricate crystals and much more..!” 

Holy moly, just look at the layer of intricate detailing on this necklace.. I’m awe-struck! 😱

There’s the intricate gold swirls (which I love btw!), a layer of blue and gold circle stones and finally finished with a teardrop kundan design.. ahhh it’s a vision of beauty! 

Those stunning navy blue stones and dangly crystals at the bottom are so beautiful, it just elevates the earrings. I love it when they move around as it catches light in such a unique way!  πŸ’™

P.s did I mention they are so light too! I did think it would be a little heavy but thankfully I was proven wrong. My ears can get sensitive very quick when I wear heavy jewellery but this was just so easy to wear and so very light! 

The necklace has a lovely adjustable cord at the back which you can change the length accordingly to make it sit elegantly on the neck. It can be made longer or you can take it all the way up as a choker or keep it mid length, it’s going to look elegant on the neck no matter how you choose to wear yours. 

It truly is a one stop shop for your timeless pieces created just for you. They also do white gold and diamond jewellery. If you have any specific design in mind, then Pinaash Art Jewellery can make that happen. They want you to feel as unique as your jewellery! 

I would like to thank Pinaash Art Jewellery for the beautiful set they sent me, it is simply stunning. Thank you! πŸ’™

Please take a look at their website and see what beautiful pieces you can find! 

Please note- they have a huge discount on at the moment! Don’t miss it! 

You can find the boutique on the social media links below;  

Website here / Facebook here / Email –

Until next time, 

Sheema x


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