Shimmery Winter Nails.. Kiko Nail Colours ❄️

Hey everyone! 

Brrr, it still continues to be really cold and frosty outside, I have been feeling a little poorly and so have literally been living in my PJ’s & duvet for the last couple of days πŸ€’ 

I wanted to talk a little about my shopping spree a few weeks ago, I’ve been using these beautiful wintery Kiko colours a lot since I purchased them. I had fallen in love with these since I laid my eyes on them at the Kiko store. They complement each other so well and are just such gorgeous colours. Who wouldn’t love them right?! 

Nothing makes me feel better than freshly painted nails and these colours from Kiko are the perfect winter colours. They’re perfect for those wintery outfits, complements any makeup look and most importantly pulls a whole look together. 

Not forgetting, driving those winter blues away! *sigh* πŸ˜–


What I love (and have always loved!) about Kiko products are the quality and longevity of their formulas. 

They don’t beak the bank with their pricing, they’re super affordable but don’t compromise on quality either.  I love the size of the bottles as they’re the perfect size to carry around, neither too big or small – just perfect! 

Unfortunately, the pictures don’t do any justice but each colour bottle has a specific shimmer to it. It’s not as visible in pictures but I’ll try my best to explain each one. When you see them for yourself, you’all truly appreciate the beautiful colours. It really reminds me of when I was younger and I’d play around with all the shimmery nail colours.. ahh good ol’ times! 

Now I don’t think Kiko Nail polishes have names but rather numbers. So, from left to right, the numbers are as follows; 

Shade 53 – It’s a lovely taupe colour that has a vibrant fiery pinky-purple shimmer to it. It just looks like a normal taupe colour when you initially look at the nail polish, but the magic begins as soon as it’s applied. It looks super cute when the lights hits it at an angle, the pop of shimmer comes to life. I love playing with this colour and have been wearing it quite a lot this season. It’s just a stunning colour and most def one of my fave’s from this collection! 

It is such a shame that my pictures cannot capture the true colour of this shade. It doesn’t pick up the fiery purple shimmer and trust me when I say it’s simply gorgeous! When you pop into Kiko, do take a look at this colour and you’ll know exactly what I mean. 

Shade 57 – Is a light reflecting glossy white colour with a bright pink shimmer.  

Again, sadly the pictures don’t do any justice. In the bottle, it comes off as a white nail colour but when you look at it closely, it’s a iridescent opaquey white colour with a beautiful pink shimmer to it. This is also one f my favourites! 

This shade is the perfect winter colour, which would be apt for either day or evening wear. You can wear it casually during the day, for a school run, office or for running errands to rocking it all the way through to the evening. 

Personally, I would also rock this during the summer as it’s very reminiscent of sun, sea and sand. It’s the perfect colour to take with you on a holiday, especially when you don’t want to take too many things when packing. Imagine this colour against a gorgeous summer tan! πŸšβ›±β›΅οΈ

Shade 62 – Is a beautiful light bronzy gold colour that has a beautiful light gold shimmer to it.

It really brightens and uplifts an outfit as the nails do all the talking with this shade. We tend to wear a lot of dark clothing during the winter, so this is the perfect pick me up colour. Again, a very versatile colour that will take you from day to night. It’s not a heavy gold shade but more of a subtle golden shimmer which gives it that luxe appeal. 

When I see this colour, it reminds me of long balmy summer nights. β˜€οΈ This golden colour is just beautiful for those lazy summer days, where you are basking in the sunshine and just blissfully enjoying the gorgeous weather! 

P.s imagine this colour on your toes, it’ll look so pretty! 

I hope you can see a little of the shimmer in the picture above.. such a shame you can’t see the vibrant pink shimmer in the white polish! 😦

It’s just so tricky to capture them in pictures and that’s the reason I couldn’t show you wearing them on my nails. It just wouldn’t capture it at all on my camera! πŸ˜’

Despite that, they are truly gorgeous shades and even though I’ve mentioned them in a winter nail post, I would actually take them through to the next season with me. They make great transitional nail colours and I can see myself wearing these a lot during the summer too..  πŸ˜

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Remember to keep warm and stay safe!

Until next time

Sheema x


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