Budget Smokey Eyeshadow Palette – ID Colour Makeup 🎨 

Hey everyone! 

As you all know the weather has been pretty gloomy lately, it’s been raining non stop all week here.. β˜”οΈ

However amidst all this, I managed to plan a quick trip to the city centre to run some errands. As it started drizzling again, I very quickly popped into a local beauty department store for shelter and this colourful eyeshadow palette caught my eye immediately and was ever so budget friendly at €7.99! 

I’ve almost run out out of my eyeshadow palettes, well the bright coloured ones! I mainly use my Naked Palette shadows for my everyday look but at this price, it was so tempting. 

I also don’t own many of the colours shown in this palette. I usually stick to browns, coppers and champagne’s (think Naked Palette 2 and 3!) but thought it’d make a good travel compact especially for when you need that pop of colour! Guys think festivals..! 

I love the huge selection of shades- 24 in total! 

To be very honest, I’ve never heard of this brand before. I’m not even entirely sure whether it’s specifically a Spanish brand or not. It’s called IDColour Makeup. 

Usually places like Superdrug and Wilkinsons in the uk hold specific beauty brands that are quite unique and not as popularly known as the others but I’ve not even come across it there. You brits will know what I’m talking about! 😳

Firstly, I love the packaging as it’s very feminine yet vintage looking which is just my cup of tea! 

It’s beautiful and looks so lovely in a makeup bag. The colours are also beautiful, it has 24 shades in total which is great value especially considering it’s under €8! 

There was also another palette that had more rose- like shades but as it was quite similar to my naked palette 3, I decided to go for this one instead. The packaging to that was also stunning! 

Here’s a closer look at the colours below! 

(This one is taken under natural light!)

What I love; 

The colours are stunning in my opinion as you have a mix of everything in this palette. You have the light shades for the base. It then moves over to the deep dark purples which are great for this party season and for glamming up. These colours look stunning for the smokey eye or any evening based look which is what I’d use them for personally. Unless you have festivals to go to during the summer! 

I love the fact that the purples are cool and warm tone based which is perfect. It also has hints of coppers and browns in the kit which is just perfect. I’d say, it would pretty much suit all eye colours! 

You also have that beautiful emerald/teal colour shade which is just gorgeous. The same goes for the deep blue shade, it’s just so vibrant and so stunning! These two colours have to be my favourites from this palette! πŸ’™πŸ’š

Oh and that’s one lovely size  mirror right there. You guys know I love my  mirrors and this palette has just that. Perfect to take on holidays! A massive brownie point for that! ❀️


My only concern (and a huge one!)  is that the colours aren’t as pigmented as I would have hoped. You really have to swirl the brush a few times before it catches any colour onto it. You have to really layer it on a few times for it to show up on the eyes. πŸ˜•

All the shades are matte which is fine by me. But if you look at the revolution palettes, they do a mix of shimmer and mattes so I wish somewhere this palette had that too. Also considering the prices are very similar..  But I can always work around this, it’s not a huge problem. In comparison to the revolution eyeshadow palettes, personally for me Revolution palettes win hands down! (Their pigmentation is fantastic for their price!) πŸ™Œ

Apart from that, I like the palette. I could see myself using some of these colours quite a lot and if you’re ever on a budget, then this would be a handy palette. 

It also makes a great holiday kit too. It pretty much has you covered and you don’t really need to carry as many items when travelling which is lovely! 

TIP: They do make great dupes for some of the more expensive eyeshadow palettes.. I can see how some colours are quite similar! 

So, I’d love to know whether you’ve come across this brand at all? Would you even know where it’s from? I’d love to know your thoughts πŸ’­ 

Until next time, 

Sheema x


29 thoughts on “Budget Smokey Eyeshadow Palette – ID Colour Makeup 🎨 

  1. Aww yes completely! πŸ’• The perfect combination of eye catching colours to cheer us up with especially during these grey gloomy days.. so lovely to hear from you hun 😘 xx


  2. Hey there! Yes, this is such a great budget buy, so many colour options and so affordable! 😍 I’m so glad you liked it. Yes of course, I’d love to check your blog out.. thanks for letting me know and thank you for reading πŸ’•πŸ˜˜ xx

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