New Year’s Eve Makeup & Accessories for the Party look..! ✨

Hey everyone! 

The years most festive holiday requires plenty of glitz, glitter and glam!

Whether you decide to go for the glittery eyes, red lips or a heavy metal gilded look, now’s the time to amp it up! 

I wanted to share some makeup essentials for the New Year’s Eve, perfect for looking your best for the biggest night of the year! 

Put your sparkle on..! 

Bright lips; 

Whether you’re a pink, coral or a red lip girl, just layer that colour on and pucker up. 

Traditionally, bright makeup was typically a summer thing but now you have no reason to not wear it for the winter season as we’ve seen on runways and magazines. So no matter how you decide to wear your pop of colour, anything goes! 

Make your lips the centre of attention with super saturated shades. If you’re a little shy, why not dab the lipstick lightly on your lips for a subtle flush of colour. 

Top tip: Find a shade that works for you, determine whether you’re a warm or a cool tone girl. 

Work those nails; 

Make a statement with brightly coloured nails. 

If you feel daring and sexy, then go for bright colours such as reds, pinks, oranges.. they’ll be sure to make you stand out from the crowd. 

However, if you’re wanting to play subtle yet embrace the holiday and party season, then glitter nails are the way to go. I personally love this trend! 

Ahhh.. glitter is everywhere! Why not shimmer your way to the dance floor with a dark nail and glitter accents. You could even go for a glitter manicure, where you paint the tips of your nails with glitter accents and voila! 

Glitter eyes; 

This year has been a sprinkling of glitter and all things nice. Glitter looks astoundingly cool, trendy and festivy!

So, rather than it seeming you’ve had a fight with tinker bell, focus on either the inner or outer corner of your eyes. A light sprinkling of gold glitter at the inner corners, looks so pretty with long lashes and a matching eyeshadow. In short, don’t overkill with your glitter ladies!  

If you’re feeling brave and adventurous, then why not go for iridescent glitter across your eyelids. We’ve seen a lot of this look on the runway and it can be personalised to make it more wearable. But hey, as with festivals anything goes with a new year’s eve party look. What say!

I personally think eyes look beautiful with a dusting of glitter, either over the lids, cheeks or nails. It also looks super sexy and much more interesting than matte smokies. What do you think? 💭 

Oh and I have to say, please be careful when using glitter. Be responsible as you want want red eyes all throughout New Year’s Eve.. *sigh* 

Layer that mascara; 

The party season is all about super defined, long luscious lashes. As someone who doesn’t like false lashes (maybe I’ll convert some day!), this mascara solves all the problem. It’s literally like you’re wearing falsies but without the hassle of taking them off! 

I’ve recently started applying a very light hand of mascara onto my lower lashes and the results are incredible! 

Just layer layer layer coats of mascara for a beautiful, bambi like eyes!  So pretty! 

Smell gorgeous; 

Temperatures are dropping but turn the heat up with a sultry fragrance; turn heads when you make an entrance. 

I love fragrances that are sensuous, flirty and feminine. That’s the reason why Issey Miyake is my go to for the party season. It’s a floral and sensual fragrance composed of more subtle, sun drenched flowers. 🌙

And of course, you have to layer up on the body lotion for the gorgeous smell to linger on hours after use. 

Accessorise your look; 

Speaking of sun drenched flowers, I chose this celestial jewellery set as a perfect accessory for my party look. Isn’t it just gorgeous! 

Mismatched earrings trend..”

The earrings are also asymmetrical, which is very much on trend. It’s this seasons sensational trend that has swept through the style elite.. it’s just gorgeous! 

P.s the bracelet is a t-bar which is rather lovely. You all know my fascination with stars and moon, I love this set. It adds the right amount of glam to any look! 

I’m loving this trend and I’ll definitely be wearing a lot more of this in the new year. Can we just take a moment and appreciate the beautiful galaxy inspired design, I’ve fallen deeply in love with it. 🌙⭐️

I saw it on Pinterest and had to find out where to purchase it. I managed to find the shop that stocked it and will leave a link for you too..  click here to view 

p.s – It wasn’t very expensive at all which was great. 

Grab the party clutch; 

I have my sequin clutch bag ready to complete the look. Hubby and I have been invited to a party later this evening and I cannot wait. I hope the New Year brings lots of luck for us all! 

Wishing you all a Fantabulous New Year, hoping it brings us all lots of love, health and prosperity! Happy 2017…!  🎉

Until next time, 

Sheema x


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