Personalised Arabic Name Jewellery – شيما

Hey everyone!

Wearing personalised jewellery has become quite a trend, whether it is just an initial or a full name, it is the most coveted accessory to have. 

When Carrie Bradshaw showcased the classic name necklace on the TV hit series SATC, it had became a huge fashion statement and celebrities rocked this look which had become the talk of the town. It was fun, unique and stylish. Does anyone remember Carrie Bradshaw’s infamous name necklace from SATC? 💁🏻 

Arabic name jewellery in particular has become quite a hot trend. It’s personal, unique and very eye catching. No wonder why you’ll see many celebrities from the Kardashians to Mahlagha Jaberi donning this look. Name jewellery has gone global not just the Middle Eastern celebrities but the trend has extended to the West completely and everyone seems to be in awe of it. 

Kim Kardashian is a major trend- setter, she’s always seen making headlines with her fashion choices. Kim is an avid jewellery lover and can always been sporting her famous personalised ‘K’ logo necklaces and earrings. You’ve also probably seen Khloe wearing it and Kanye sporting his name in Arabic jewellery too!

Don’t believe me, take a look below; 

(Pictures above courtesy of Google images) 

Jewellery featuring name is bigger than ever! 

I remember owning a personalised name necklace as a teenager, it felt so special because you wouldn’t see anyone else with the same jewellery item. 

The beauty of this trend is that it can be customised to reflect ones taste and originality. After all, we all want to stand out from the crowd right? (Even if it’s in a subtle way!)

Experience the exotic Middle East through Arabic calligraphy jewellery..  

So, I was very honoured and excited when the very talented Rana from Ranawiyet Jewelry had kindly sent me my personalised name necklace in Arabic. It’s truly a beautiful piece and I can see myself wearing this a lot! 

Rana had asked me to choose my preferred metal, chain, font, size, finishing so that it felt truly unique and special to me. It’s totally custom made so you can choose every aspect of your jewellery making from start to finish. 

Here is a little excerpt from Rana’s website; 

Welcome to Ranawiyet Jewelry. Here you will find my large selection of high quality name jewelry and gifts, tailored to your requirements and needs, all handmade from start to finish. My selection includes: Arabic name plates in the form of pendants, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, keychains, and bookmarks. I also welcome custom orders of any kind, please inquire.

Love from Lebanon..! 

(My name ‘Sheema’ in Arabic – شيما)

I chose my necklace in rose gold (you all know how much I’m crushing on this metal). I chose a slightly smaller chain length so that I can wear it as a choker. The font was also around 3cm, so neither too small or big. 

This beautiful customizable Arabic name necklace can be personalized with any name or word of your choice. The calligraphy of your submitted name will be uniquely designed and handwritten by a professional calligraphist using the traditional Diwani font, to deliver a high quality artistic design. Once the draft of the design has been shared and approved by you through the messages, then the metalwork begins. By utilizing a jeweller’s handsaw, the piece is hand pierced and cut by myself in my workshop from sheeted silver or brass based on your choice and then finished to perfection. Finally the piece gets plated by professional metallurgists in the plating of your choosing. This item is wholly personalized to your particular liking of metal base, nameplate size, chain length, plating and finishing. 


Metal base options: Gold plated brass (Brass GP), Solid sterling silver and Gold plated sterling silver (Silver GP)

Nameplate size options (length): 2 cm up to 5 cm. 

Chain length options: 15″ up to 24″ 

Plating options: Gold, Rose Gold, Rhodium (white gold)

Finishing options: Shiny, Matte.

The jewellery item comes in a beautiful velvet pouch which feels so luxurious. 

TIP: They make beautiful gifts for someone special in your life. They make thoughtful gifts for bridal parties, engagement or a wedding gift, even for the bridesmaids. They would love and treasure it. 

I could see a bracelet or a necklace with your husband or boyfriends name on it, hence the double name format. I would love a bracelet with all my sisters (or friends) names on it. That would truly be special. (I must get one!). 

No matter who you choose to give it to, it will add a special sparkle which will be treasured forever! 

P.s you don’t even have to choose a name specifically, if you wanted a quote or a word from somewhere, then this can also be arranged. 

You could also request stones, or a bit of sparkle to your jewellery item. 

All the details regarding size, font, chain length, finish can be found on Rana’s website. You could also request double or triple name necklaces or bracelets as mentioned which is amazing. 

Arabic or Islamic calligraphy has been admired by many for its gorgeous letters and mystical illusion. The genius of the Islamic calligraphy lies not only in the endless creativity and versatility but the grace in which it’s written. It truly is a visual treat! 

Are you curious to know how your name would be written in Arabic? 

.. then click on the link below and this fun little converter will help you..! Click here 

Follow Rana on her Instagram page here 

I would like to thank Rana for this lovely piece and request you all to go and check the website out. 

The selection includes pendants, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, keychains and bookmarks and so much more! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I’ll see you after Christmas so enjoy the holiday season! 🎄

Until next time, 

Sheema x


10 thoughts on “Personalised Arabic Name Jewellery – شيما

  1. Oh no, I hope you’re able to get it repaired. Jewellery can be so delicate at times.. Thanks so much hun! I also used to own one when I was younger (Sadly I lost mine 🙁) and I’m so glad the trend is back so I can start wearing it again 💕 xx

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  2. Aww that’s so sweet, I’d love that! ☺️ I had one as a kid and sadly lost it, I was so happy when I received this personalised Arabic necklace, there’s something so personal about it ❤️ xx

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