Bring Out Your Inner Luna Goddess.. “Galaxies & Stardust” Collection 🌙✨

Hey everyone! 

Get intergalactic with galaxy inspired jewellery from sparkling stars and moons to faraway planets. This collection is truly out of this world! 

I had teamed up with the very lovely and talented Greek designer Zefi Loannou (Desperate Artists) who is bringing out her new “Galaxies & Stardust” collection FW2016-17 and very kindly has sent me a set so that I can share it with you all. You can view the range here. Thank you very much Zefi! 

First of all, I am totally captivated by the name of the collection “Galaxies & Stardust” itself, how mystical and romantic does it sound? so enchanting! 🔮🌙

When you have a look at the website, you’ll get to see the stunning visuals in terms of photography and jewellery collection that makes you believe it’s perfect for any Luna Goddess. The warm gold captures the beauty of the jewellery so well.. each pic is a piece of art! 🌙

“There is something so magical about the night, moon and stars..”

This piece is a bewitching choker and an earring set. It features a bohemian detailed crescent moon on a soft velvet ribbon, which is perfect for creating a touch of mystery. You also get the matching crescent moon hoop earrings which add to the modern appeal of the set.

Celestial jewellery is all the rage presently, from magazines to runway looks, it’s all about the moon, stars and the sparkle. It is safe to say, celestial jewellery is the hottest accessory trend around. Designers have surely picked up on this, as is evident from all the celebs to models donning this eclectic trend. 

The fabulous thing about this trend is that it’s apt for every age, style and taste. In fact, crescent  moon jewellery is the most worn jewellery symbol in my opinion. The best thing is that you can personalise it according to your taste and style. How, you ask? 

Well, layer all the good stuff on I say! If you want to keep it simple, you’ll love mixing tiny stud earrings (of stars/moon) or pendants to dainty rings which will look super cute and delicate, yet chic at the same time.  

However, if you wanna make a fashion statement, then layer it all on gal! Mix this lovely crescent moon choker (above)  with tons of celestial pendants for the ultimate fashionista look, mix and match with the ear jackets and cuffs and you’ll be bang on trend! 

I’m sure all you fashionista’s are gonna love this! 

Layer, layer and layer it on..! 

The abundance of styles from moon, galaxies, to glittering stars will take you straight from day to night time glam. 

It gives the perfect fashion edge to any daytime look and equally transitions smoothly to an evening glam vibe. Either way you’ll be rocking any party! 

Note: You can choose your preferred colour for the velvet ribbon, it comes in various colours. The navy colour is also very striking! 

The earrings also come in two sizes, small and large. I went for the large ones as I prefer big hoop earrings but you can also choose to go for the smaller ones. Oh and they are so light! 

The large earrings are perfect if you want your earrings to do all the talking. I love the way they stand out and it’ll be just the perfect accessory during the festivals. (Plus you really can’t go wrong with the gold metal).  

Speaking of festivals, the chokers have been a huge trend. You all know I love my choker necklaces and as this trend is here to stay (certainly for next year too.. whoop whoop!), why not add a bit of boho chic layering to your look. 

As I say, this set will be perfect for the laid back bohemian vibe yet it’s the ultimate accessory to glam up any evening wear. The beauty of this set is that it can be used all year around due to its modern appeal. Most importantly, it can be worn on its own or as a set.. the choice is simply yours! 

I absolutely adore this set. You already know of my obsession with the moon, stars and night sky so this range is just perfect for me and will be for you too! Please do have a look at the website to see all their behind the scenes stuff.. it’s pretty awesome! 

You can also view the full range on their Facebook here (get to see all their behind the scenes and lab designs here).  

Connect with Zefi on Instagram 

P.s Are you obsessed with the moon and stars (and night sky!) as I am..?

I don’t know what it is exactly but I can stare at the night sky full of stars and moon for hours.. all my creativity kicks in then, I feel at peace and there’s just something so beautiful and mysterious about it. I’m definitely a creature of the night.. maybe this explains my obsession with all things eclectic and celestial (which reflects in my jewellery too!).. I’d love to know your thoughts.. do share!

“There’s a full moon rising, let’s go dancing in the light..” 

Until next time, 

Sheema x


16 thoughts on “Bring Out Your Inner Luna Goddess.. “Galaxies & Stardust” Collection 🌙✨

  1. Awww thank you so much lovely, you’re so sweet. 💕 Oooh yes the choker is just so beautiful.. p.s and I love the name of the collection ‘Galaxies & Stardust’, so mystical! ❤️😘🙏 xxx


  2. Haha yay to that! I don’t know why I’m so obsessed but I just love everything about the galaxy, moon, stars, planets, sun and here I go on and on.. haha! It’s just so mystical.. I’m so glad you feel the same too 💕😁

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