Let’s Glitz Out..! Party/Festival Inspired Makeup Looks πŸŒ™

Hey everyone! 

Who’s ready for the festive season, Christmas parties, dancing, mince pies, mulled wine… woohoo! 

I wanted to share some party makeup looks that involve glitter. Now glitter shouldn’t just be put aside for the festivals, in fact there’s no better time of the year to experiment with bold and daring glitter looks than Christmas itself. The party season is all about shimmer, sparkle and glitter. Don’t we all wish to shine bright like stars at every party, so with this in mind, go and grab your glitter and let’s get started! 

 After all tis’ the season to sparkle! 

Whether you go for the full on glitter look, or keep it minimal with glitter hues and accents on your face, body or nails, you are sure to outshine even the most of the beautiful Christmas trees! 

I used the Unicorn combo glitter from GlitzOut which I absolutely love. This combo consists of a nice mix of white, silver and lilac-y blue glitter holographic flecks which is perfect for a party or a festival look. How cute is the name though! πŸ¦„πŸŒ™

P.s they also have a mermaid combo which I also love. That will most def be my next purchase. 

Also you get 3 glitter pots for only Β£5, how affordable is this? Normally, these pots of glitter cost an arm and a leg online.. it’s really good quality glitter at such an affordable price. I was so pleasantly surprised! 

Frosty/Winter look; 

Brrrr as it’s getting cold and winter is truly upon, it inspired me to go for a frosty winter look. Now I’m no makeup artist and this is my first ever attempt at something like this but as it’s glitter, you can’t really go wrong. 

So here are my steps; 

I began by applying an eye primer on top of my eyelids. I normally skip this for my normal day to day routine but felt this was necessary as glitter was being used and I wanted it to stay on for longer and for my eyeshadow to shine through. This is purely optional though! 

Next, I went for the cool toned lilac eyeshadow  from my new eyeshadow palette (review coming soon!) I swept it all over my eyelid and the crease line and created a winged shape to the outer corner of the eye.

I then highlighted the Brow one and inner corner of the eye with some white shimmery eyeshadow from the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2, though you can use any shimmery white eyeshadow you have available. 

Finally, I took the Glitz Out lilac pot of glitter which also has beautiful blue accent in it and gently dabbed it all over my eyelid area. I used a glitter sealent but if you don’t have any at home, I guess Vaseline may work just as well. I hope! 😬 

To complete the look, finish with a few coats of mascara to create lush lashes. You can also add a black eyeliner  but I gave it a miss as I’ll be using it for my second look below. 

For extra sparkle, accessorise your look with some holographic iridescent glitter on the cheekbones and around the eye area. I’ve used my Glitz Out unicorn glitter flecks to complete this look. Voila and now you’re all set to become the ice/snow queen! .. insert *evil laugh* ❄️

I completed the look with a frosty glitter lip. 

I used my Smashbox mauve matte lipstick and added the Glitz Out purple fine glitter on top to go with the cool frosty look. 

Additionally, I thought why not paint my nails and add a touch of frosty winter glam to it.. Below is the final look! 

It is quite self explanatory but if you wanted to know how I created them, then please just let me know below..  I like to call them the disco tech nails! 

Here’s the final ice queen look

Smokey/Champagne glam look;

Now for my second look, I wanted to go completely the opposite of my first look. This is more of an evening smokey glam look with a hint of glitter. This would work perfectly for any party look, it’s sexy, sultry and full on glam! 

P.s I used quite a bit of bronzer on my face for this look as I wanted a warm tone for this look. 

So here are the steps; 

I began by applying an eye primer on my lids. 

Next, I swept a brown coloured eyeshadow all over my eyelid and crease line. I then took the shade gunshot from the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 and swept it all over the eyelid and outer corner of the eyes. This is one of my favourite shades (alongside ydk) for an evening glam look. 

Next, I used Glitz Out purple fine glitter onto my eyes. I love that the blue and purple glitter accents really stands out on this eyeshadow. It also really complements a brown eye colour! 

Then I went and added a shimmery white eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eyes. Again,you can use any white shimmery shade you have available. 

Finally, I added a black winged eyeliner to complete the look. I finished with a few coats of mascara for fuller looking eyelashes. You can add falsies if you like but Benefit’s They’re Real mascara is just superb!  

Now, at this stage you are all ready to rock this sexy, sultry look. You can minus the glitter flecks for under the eye area but I wanted to use it so I can show you how it would look if you wanted to wear it to a carnival. 

Next, I completed this look with the glitter lip below.. 

P.s I’m actually loving the glitter lip!

Here’s the final glam look; 

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you’d like more ideas and inspiration, then do have a look at Glitz Out’s IG page here, they have amazing makeup ideas and I’m sure you’ll find lots of inspiration..! 

Until next time, keep sparkling! 

Sheema x


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