It’s Brow’tastic..! Seventeen ‘Brow’s That’ Kit Review 

Hey everyone! 

I’m wanting to talk a little about this eyebrow kit that I’ve been loving lately. Also, with the festive season just around the corner, I thought why not share it with you.. After all, tis’ the season to glam! 

The Seventeen ‘Brow’s That’ kit is a versatile palette that is all you need for perfectly defined eyebrows on the go. It’s a great kit for grooming your eyebrows but still keeping it really natural. The palette is quite sturdy and strong, therefore you’re able to control it with just the one hand, no fuss at all!  

P.s I really love the packaging of this kit, it’s really classic and pretty at the same time! 

(This is what the outer packaging looks like)

This kit includes;

* Brow wax 

* Setting powder 

* Highlighter

* Eyebrow brush 

* Eyebrow pencil 

Plus, a handy hints and tips card to help perfect your look! 

There’s also a mirror inside of the lid which is a really nice size. It’s not one of those long-ish mirrors (which I really don’t like much as you can barely see in them) instead it’s a big square shaped mirror which is just perfect! 

This kit is in fact my second purchase, it’s ever so affordable and just the perfect colour for my eyebrows. Now, simply looking at it, some of you may find it too dark, but it really isn’t. It just appears to be in the pan. If you have light hair, then keep a very light hand (use minimal)  and if you have slightly darker eyebrows like me, then you can build up the intensity as you go along. Seriously, don’t be put off by the colour, just give it a go and see how you get on. The colours will pretty much suit all complexions. 

I was pleasantly surprised by how wonderfully the wax applied, it’s not at all greasy (thank goodness!) and is a perfect match to the powder and the pencil. It really locks the eyebrow hairs in place, which at times means I don’t have to use the pencil at the end at all. I love the warmer tone that the wax gives to the eyebrows too. Once the wax is on, it won’t budge! Hurrah! 

Note: The wax doesn’t come out as dark as it looks in the kit. You build it up as you go along. Seriously give it a go! 

I haven’t used the highlighter as much, but it’s great for the inner corner of the eyes and to give an overall finishing touch to the makeup. 

The brow pencil is also another favourite. I get through mine so quick, it’s only very small though *sigh*. The pencil in comparison is a lot more cool tone in my opinion, but it’s great for a adding natural strokes of hair. I wish they had two of these in the kit! 😩

The eyebrow brush is ok. Nothing special to rave about but it does the job well. 

Oh, I wish they had added a pair of tweezers to the mix, which would have made it the ideal kit. It’s such a shame because it’s the perfect travel size kit. But never mind! 

I believe this is the only shade they currently stock, I’m not aware of any others presently. Please do let me know below if this isn’t the case..

However, as I say, just keep a very light hand and I’m pretty sure it’ll work for you no matter what colour/shade you are. But for those of you who have darker eyebrows, then this is just the ideal kit. It’s also beauty on a budget which is just fantastic especially as we near towards the very expensive time of the year! 

It appears to be a good enough dupe for Benefit’s Browzings..! 

I purchased mine at around £5-£6 in Boots. They normally do 3 for 2 offers on makeup, so it’s the ideal time to snap it up then! 

You can also see the swatches below taken in natural light.. 

I am very happy with this kit and would certainly recommend it. 

Seventeen has really upped their game and I’m loving a lot of their products. It’s also a budget friendly brand which makes it even more tempting! 

I give it 4/5 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Until next time,

Sheema x


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