What’s in my makeup bag – Autumn/Winter 

Hey everyone! 

As we transition into the new season, I thought why not switch up my beauty products and let you know what I’m carrying with me for the festive season. 

I normally keep my skincare quite simple, except I change to a deep moisturiser for when the really cold weather sets in. I also love using masks this time of the year for hydration and nourishment as the cold weather really strips skin from its natural moisture.  I don’t have a favourite mask as such as I like to switch between the different brands. 

My foundation and concealers pretty much stay the same, though I’ve never really used a foundation if I be totally honest (until I discovered Bare Minerals). I use concealers for those occasional flare ups or to cover any blemish or marks. I love going to those ladies at the makeup counters and get them to match me for the right foundation but then don’t really end up using them after I’ve purchased them. Do you guys do that too? Why does this always happen. It’s just one of those things where you splash money for no apparent reason.  (Yep that’s totally me!) 😬

However mainly my lipsticks and eye makeup changes during this season. I tend to use darker lip colours (it was never the case before – love my rosy hues) and make use of glitter on my eyes especially the inner corners. Also, my love for metallic eyeliners is never ending. I tend to use a lot of coloured eyeliners for this season too. 

I love watching beauty guru’s on YouTube talk about what they carry in their makeup bags, so here is a little sneak peek at mine.  

Firstly, my apologies  I’m not really sure where my makeup bag is from. My mum gifted it to me last year and I’ve only just got around to using it. It’s a lovely black velvety bag which has beautiful round crystal detailing. It also makes a lovely clutch bag for night outs etc.. I think it might be too cute to carry it as a makeup bag which in effect will make it all grubby so I may just save it as an evening bag.. hmm 🤔 (lemme know what you think in the comments below!)

So, starting of with foundation, I’m currently using Bare Minerals original spf 15 foundation which is their best seller. It’s great for people who don’t particularly like using foundations much or are a complete novice into the world of makeup. Also, don’t you detest when foundation looks all orangey (I hope that’s a word- eeks!) on the skin. I have pink undertones to my skin and so this is just perfect for me. I love that it looks like powder, feels like a cream and buffs on like silk giving the skin a natural luminosity. It’s got great coverage yet feels weightless on the skin. I highly recommend! 

Next, as you all know through my precious posts that I’m loving this gem of a beauty. You’ve guessed it…. Benefits They’re Real mascara! It lengthens, curls and adds incredible volume to the lashes. I swear by this product and have actually dedicated a full post to it so I won’t repeat myself. Its simply a mascara beyond belief! 

Oh, you may have caught a glimpse of the Benefit Hoola Brozer too. Now, since I’ve used this bronzer throughout summer, I can’t seem to turn to anything else. Trust me, I really did think it wasn’t going to be all that and how it wouldn’t work on my skin tone and that it was going to be too dark for me and so forth.. Rest assured, it works on all skin tones, I really don’t know how and what the science behind it is but it seriously is the best bronzer ever! I haven’t tried any others but this is just incredible. 

I use my trusted makeup brushes from Real Technique, the popular sister duo of Sam & Nic. They’re great quality brushes at affordable price. I love that they do travel sets as well. The bristles are just so soft and it feels amazing on the skin. I really can’t wait to get my hands on the metallic ones! 

P.s I’m loving metals so watch out for this jewellery edit that I will be posting over the next few weeks! 

Next, we had my favourite lippies.. I will be honest, I switch through so many colours especially for the festive season. It all depends on what I’m wearing and my mood. Though, having said that I have started to love experimenting with darker lip colours. I used to be very shy but I’ve sort of grown out of it (hooray!) and am loving the plums, browns and deep berry colours. I will be writing up a separate post on my favourite autumn/winter lip colours so I won’t mention them here. Just know, I’m loving the dark lip at the moment! Oh, in case you want to know, I’m using Eva’s Delicate Rose from the L’Oréal Color Riche range and of course one of my favourite shades Mauve Matte from Smashbox

I also carry this rose Vaseline tin which gives a lovely rosy tint to my lips. I normally wear it over my smahsbox lippie as it’s a matte formula and can be a little drying at times. 

Finally, I always keep this metallic blue eyeliner from the Barry M range. This colour particularly is my favourite as it really complements my brown eyes. I’ve been meaning to grab other colours especially the purple one too. I have used this pretty much throughout the summer and I think it’s just a gorgeous item to have ready to take you from day to night. I love that it’s metallic and so really makes the eyes pop! 

Of course, one can’t have enough of glitter and you all must know of my obsession with it. So I carry pots of glitter in my makeup bag to  add the final touches to my makeup look. I love using it in the inner corner of my eyes, it really gives you that sultry sexy look. It’s just perfect for this season. 

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this post and that it’s given you a little inspiration of some sort. Of course, I’ll keep adding to it but this is pretty much what it looks like currently. 

If you have any suggestions, then please feel free to let me know below. 

Until next time, 

Sheema x

36 thoughts on “What’s in my makeup bag – Autumn/Winter 

  1. Im always carrying my powder as well, otherwise I’m so oily haha. Foundation is totally a must for me because I love evening out my skin but I guess you don’t need to! 💜

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  2. Haha yes I totally agree with you hun, carrying a powder is a must! especially during the summer where my t-zone suffers a bit.. *sigh* Oh gosh thankfully, though I’m really impressed with Bare Mineral foundation powders.. feels so light on the skin❤️😘 xx

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