DIY – Beauty Wall Art 

Hey everyone! 

If you love all things beauty and makeup related then I’m pretty sure you’ll adore this DIY project. 

These makeup prints have been hugely popular on Pinterest and Etsy, however the price not so much. As beautiful as the prints are, they could cost a fortune with all those delivery and shipping charges, that’s when I thought why not make them myself! 

This project is very simple to make and hardly costs a thing. You can find all the supplies in your local stationary shops and use old unused makeup for the swatching and prints. I will explain this in detail below.. 

Get as creative as you want…! 

What you need; 


False Eyelashes (£1 at Primark) 


Coloured Paper 


Sharpie/ Marker Pens 

Without further ado, let’s get started! 

I have three prints in mind for you that I saw on Pinterest and fell in love with instantly. They’re very simple and easy to follow.

Pucker Up: 

Now, all you need is a handful of different coloured lipsticks and to simply blot away.. (Literally!) 💋💋💋

If you don’t want to waste any new lipsticks, I’d recommend using old unused ones for this project. That way you won’t have to waste away your most beloved lippies and will get a chance to dispose of the old ones rather than throwing them away. You can make it as unique as you want! 

Prepping away below

Gimme a wink: 

This one is a rather unique print and you can make it as personal as you want.

I literally copied mine from Pinterest as it was but you can add a quote or inspirational words and change it according to your room decor. 

I picked up some falsies from Primark for only a £1, you can add different ones if you wish but I chose to draw the remaining lashes instead (as I only had one pair at home). Like I said earlier, get as creative as you want as there’s tons of amazing ideas online. 

Swatch Away: 

This print is literally the easiest one of all. 

Just grab a bunch of your lippies and swatch away on the paper. Again, use old lipsticks if you don’t want to waste away your new ones. 

You can use a specific shade of colour hue for each print i.e shades of pink for one print, red for the other and so forth. 

Here’s a final set of pictures for each print below 

This project is a nice way to re-vamp your walls and make them stand out. 

I hope you enjoy making them as much as I did.. 

P.S Apologies about the short post as I’m typing away on my mob. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

Which one is your favourite? Do share.. 

Until next time, 

Sheema xx


8 thoughts on “DIY – Beauty Wall Art 

  1. Gosh, I agree! They make such cute gifts too.. I’m hoping to create a makeup corner and plan to hang these beauty frames on the wall there.. ☺️ p.s I love the lashes one too! xxx


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