Pout & Prejudice – Ted Baker Lip Trio Kit

Hey everyone! 

I have been given this beautiful Ted Baker lip kit trio by my mum and to say it’s stunning is quite an understatement. 

It’s been well over a week since I’ve come home to England and have been spoilt rotten by my family. It’s only apt that I share these little treats with you for ideas and inspiration. 

You all know how much I love my lipsticks, one can never get enough of them. I’m always on the lookout for new shades and so when this little set was given to me, I was more than excited to try it. I’ve never tried any Ted Baker makeup before, so this was more than appealing for me. 

It contains three different shades, a nude, peach/pink and a bright red. All three are so beautiful! 

“Sealed with a loving kiss from Ted Baker, this lipstick collection is all you need for the perfect pout.” πŸ’‹

Ted’s tip: Try our regal Red on cold wintery nights, or a quick sweep of Nude blush as part of your morning routine. 

Which one is your favourite? 


Who doesn’t like a nude shade but it’s so difficult to find the right one. Do you agree? I usually stay away from nudes as they tend to wash me away, *zombie alert* anyone?!  

However, I particularly like this one as it has a hint of a warm tone which gives a nice wash of colour to the lips. It really reminds me of MAC’s Faux. They are very similar in colour and I’m so glad that this colour had worked for me as I was dreading the thought of it wasting away. Phew! πŸ˜…

The nude lip instantly makes you look sleek, sophisticated and well put together. If there’s one trend that’s going to stay in fashion, then it’s most definitely the nude lip. 


The next colour is my personal favourite. My eyes were instantly drawn to the pink shade as its always been my favourite colour. Pinks are fun, feminine, fresh and modern. 

Though it says peach on the packaging but it’s actually a warm pink in colour. 

It’s a beautiful everyday shade, neither too light not too dark. It will complement an office working woman, to a busy mother. It will also work well with a smokey eye which I plan to use it as over the next few weeks. In a nutshell, it is the perfect everyday colour. 



Are you ready to paint the town red? 

The final colour is a beautiful bright red colour, geared more towards a cool skin (blue-red) tone. As with a nude, it’s equally difficult to find the perfect red, trust me! (I’ve had my fair share of horror stories!) 

Red lipstick is the makeup equivalent of wearing a sexy pair of heels. It’s the easiest way to uplift your look and gives off that femme fatale vibe. As they say, if you want to get noticed, you wear red! 

This shade is sexy, playful and flirty, perfect if you want to be the centre of attention! 

“When in doubt, wear Red” 

P.S For cool tone skin, pick reds such as a fiery pillar box red with blue undertones. This will be more noticeable on paler skin and really make you stand out. 

For a warmer tone skin, use colours such as deep berry reds to flatter the beautiful golden complexion. 

Having said that, there are no hard and fast rules, makeup is all about experimenting and it’s OK to break the rules every now and then! 

Now for the exciting part, here are the swatches taken in natural daylight.. 

I’m so happy with all the three shades in the lip kit, they are absolutely stunning! 

Gosh, the little lipstick tin is gorgeous as well. I love the fact that it has a Shakespearean vibe to it.. Very vintage looking! 

Have you tried any Ted Baker makeup before? I would love to know your thoughts!

Until next time, 

Sheema xx


18 thoughts on “Pout & Prejudice – Ted Baker Lip Trio Kit

  1. Gosh I agree, it was a total surprise for me too Cici, a really pleasant one at that! The colours are so beautiful and if you do get a chance, do try the beauty products out.. I’m sure you’ll love them 😘 xx

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  2. Aww thank you, I also couldn’t believe it when my mum gave this set to me, it’s so chic and the quality is super great too! I really hope you’re able to get your hands on it, I hope to buy more things from the Ted Baker beauty range now. Thanks my lovely β€οΈπŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aww thanks so much my lovely, they truly are stunning and the packaging ever so cute! Ooh yes the nude has just the right amount of warmth to it which I’m loving! You’re too sweet, thanks so much for the nomination, I’ve been ever so busy and need to catch up with all my previous nominations too, so I promise I’ll have it up for as soon as I can.. Just tied up with so many things outside of WordPress.. (I’ll make a post very soon!) ☺️Thanks once again sweet! 😘 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You’re very welcome! πŸ™‚ And I completely understand.. I’ve got a few to catch up on myself.. Life can be really crazy sometimes! And, honestly, I think sometimes that’s best. Enjoy life as it is and comes instead of in front of screen! xx πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

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