Gypsy Boho Statement Choker 

Hey everyone! 

Necklaces or Chokers are the perfect accessory to complete an outfit, whether it’s in the form of a statement necklace, bejewelled collar, multiple layered chains to the elegant choker. These accessories can take you from drab to fab in no time! 

I’ve always had a fascination with silver statement necklaces especially the ones with coins or anything that gives an old world charm and character to the jewellery. I really love vintage pieces and they seem to be everywhere at the moment. 

The designers are loving it, fashionista’s are crazy about it, the magazines are raving about it…. Everyone wants a piece of this trend! 

I recently went shopping (well window shopping to be precise 😁) and my eyes were drawn to this necklace immediately in the shop window. I already have a never ending collection of necklaces (some of which I still haven’t worn, I know I’m guilty!) but as we all know window shopping never really works the way it should with us women. Alas, I went in and came out with a shopping bag in hand. Why do they have to make these shop windows so enticing and products so tempting to the customers?! 😠

So what makes these statement pieces so popular? 

Let me tell you.. Even though they’ve become quite a rage now, I’ve always loved these crusader necklaces since I was a young girl. I’ve seen Pashtuns (especially from Afghan areas) in Pakistan wear very similar tribal jewellery. It is simply breathtakingly beautiful, not only their jewellery but clothing too. (will cover this in a separate post in the near future). I’ve always been fascinated by their intricate designs, colour, style and craftsmanship. Every time I would go for my summer vacations, I would pick up so many colourful pieces to bring back home. The fusion of east and west was phenomenal!

Firstly, they are so easy to style. There is no one way to wear them. You can get as creative as you like. 

Secondly, they add a touch of glam to any outfit. You could rock these pieces with a simple white top and jeans and voila! 

Most importantly, they come in so many metals that choosing which one could be a fun as well as a gruelling task. Though, silver coin jewellery is a major trend, you can also opt for gold tones or mixed metals that really give off an edgy look. The choice is endless! 

P.S they make great gift ideas! 

This necklace was from a Spanish boutique called Tan Trend, I had never heard of the name myself but they had some beautiful pieces in this little boutique. This caught my eye straight away and as luck would have it, it was also the very last one. Wohoo!  

The lady informed me that they also had the same style in the gold colour. As you all know I am absolutely loving gold this season but I felt as if the silver colour stood out more. You are also able to see the detailing a lot clearer with this finish. 

The necklace came in a beautiful silky pouch. 

Initially it does feel quite heavy on especially with the silver coins adding to the overall weight of the choker. However, after a while you forget all about it. The jingling noise of the coins though after a while may drive you crazy! 🙄

I feel this is perfect for any kind of dressing, be it maxi dresses, kaftans, shirts or a simple top. It really uplifts an outfit. It takes you from day to night in one easy step. 

Here’s an example of how it makes a simple shirt look so chic.. 

Can you see what a difference one statement piece makes to an outfit. It also looks beautiful on a black maxi dress (pic below), perfect summer glam vibe right there.. especially for those long summer evenings! 

(Just see how it glistens and shines against the dark colour..) 

These chokers are perfect for giving off either the Rock n Roll vibe,  Greek Goddess, boho chic look or even a simple summer style depending on how you choose to wear yours. 

You can simply team them up with whites or lighter colours for the Grecian/Bohemian vibe, or pair them with dark colours (even a leather jacket) for the ultimate rough grunge look. Either way, you’ll be sure to make a statement with these.. You can never go wrong! 

Top tip: If you’re not brave enough to wear one of these statement pieces, then try starting off with a lighter piece. Perhaps, a necklace with a couple of stands of coins or simple charms added to it. Once you feel comfortable enough, keep adding to it and soon enough you’ll be rocking these chokers in no time!

P.s just remember less is more! 

Do share your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to know 

Until then, keep sparkling 

Sheema x


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