Front Cover Box Set – Sparkle away..! 

Hey everyone! 

With the festival season upon us, it’s time to switch and bring out the glitter and sparkle into our makeup routine. 

Whether you’re into the gold, bronze or silver look, there is an ideal makeup trend to suit each individual personality and mood. 

The metallic and glittery accents were very popular last year of Spring/Summer 2015 and I don’t see the trend dying down anytime soon. In fact, it goes down a treat for the summer festivals and party nights. 

This gem of a box is from the makeup brand called Front Cover. Have you heard of it at all? I only recently discovered it a few years ago, I was shopping at TK MAXX last year and came across this beauty and had been very impressed by it. Luckily, we don’t have to pay the full retail price as its a discounted store so majority of the items are reduced a great deal. 

” A sparkling seasonal story for eyes and nails ” 

Each box has a mini story to tell. It’s a little treasure of a box with all its images and writing and you really don’t feel like throwing it away. It’s like a beautiful magazine cover.  This set only cost me £8.99 – worth every penny! 

The box consists of three pots, 

1 x Rose Gold Glitter pot

1 x Silver Holographic Glitter pot 

1 x Silver Glitter Dots 

1 x Glitter Sealing Gel 

1 x Double Ended Eye Brush 

3 x Nail Polishes 

1 x Lookbook 

Just how gorgeous are these glittery pots?!  

I was totally surprised at how soft the brushes were on both ends. 

Not only can you sprinkle them on your eye lids for that glittery bohemian vibe, but you can create beautiful glittery accents on your nails. Additionally, many makeup artists have even used the gold glitter accents on the centre of models lips on the catwalk. The bottom line is there’s numerous trends and looks to try and create with these! 

P.s  they are perfect for the glitter hair bun trend that seems to be all the rage. I wish I was brave enough to try it for myself! 

( above pics taken from google images) 

Now you don’t have to add a whole pot of glitter for the ultimate effect, in fact a little sprinkle on the eye area or on the tip of the nails is enough to give you a touch of sparkle for the summer. You could also use the fine glitter over an eyeliner to make the eyes pop. 

It works great on bright coloured nails as it really makes them stand out. The possibilities are endless! 

You can make it highly pigmented if you like, just keep adding a layer of glitter each time. 

Top tip: Another cool tip is to use it on the inner corner of the eyes. It gives you that bohemian vibe without looking too “out there” if you like. I’ve always been a huge fan of this look and use it quite frequently in my daily routine. 

The glitter sealing gel is just a life saver. It really makes the colours in the glitter stand out and is perfect for no fall out’s. It really stays put for quite a long time. The double ended eye brush is just so luxuriously soft. 

I can really see myself using this a lot over the next few weeks as we’ve got tons of festivals coming up here in Spain. I’ve also purchased a lot of bright coloured nail polishes so combined with the glitter accents, they’d look amazing! I’ll be sure to include pictures over the coming posts. 

I hope you all have been keeping well and it’s so lovely to be back! 

” Leave a little sparkle wherever you go ” 

Until next time, 

Sheema x

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