Awards, awards and more awards..! 

Hey everyone! 

First of all, I’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU for all the love and support my little blog has been receiving thus far. 

You all have been ever so generous with your comments, likes, suggestions and of course the award nominations.. It’s taken a while but finally it is up and ready.. Phew! 😥

I’ve decided to accumulate all the award nominations into one post, I’ve tried to answer as many questions, though I have missed some out as I’ve already answered them in my other nomination posts to avoid duplications and repetition. 

Without further ado, let’s get right into it.. 

Miranda Sings Award – (nominated by the lovely Fatima

List 7 things you love about yourself (this can be about your appearance, personality, achievements etc) 

1)  I like that I’m quite a creative soul. I love putting things together, creating diy projects, painting and decorating. It’s my absolute passion! 🎨

This quote is very true for me, In order to be open to creativity, one must have the capacity for constructive use of solitude. One must overcome th fear of being alone ” -Rollo May – This very nicely leads me to the second point below. 

2) I’m a complete night owl! I find that all my creative ideas start pouring in at this time and even if you call me up at 3am at night, I’ll be sure to pick up! Lol 👀

3) I have a huge collection of books back home in England. I love that part of my house. I had my poetry book published when I was doing my GCSE’s which was a nice achievement for me, thanks to my English teacher. Unfortunately, I don’t get much time to read these days but would love to get back into it soon. If you book lovers have any recommendations for me, then please do let me know below! 📚

4) I believe I’ve already mentioned this fact before, I speak around 4-5 different languages. Pashto, Urdu, Hindko, English, Arabic (read and write) and Spanish (still working on it!) My memory isn’t the greatest but luckily I picked up most of the earlier ones when I was very young! (In this case it helps being the first born child!) 😏

5) I have a very high metabolism and my weight never fluctuates no matter what I eat. I personally would love to put a little weight on, but unfortunately nothing seems to work. *sigh* The grass is always greener on the other side! 😞

6) Thanks to my grandma and mum, all us siblings have been blessed with thick healthy hair. I religiously use coconut oil once a week but otherwise it’s all thanks to the genes once again. 🙏

7) I get emotional and cry at the drop of a hat. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a scene from a movie, book or in real life, anything that touches my heart, tears will start rolling down. My hubby never fails to tease me on this one! 

Bloggers Story Award – (nominated by the lovely blogger duo Bervin and Lucy) 

How long have you been blogging for? 

I have been blogging for a little over a year now, it’s been a wonderful journey so far and I’m so humbled to have met so many lovely and inspiring bloggers who are full of positivity and joy! Cheers to all of you! ❤️

Who was your first follower?

Surprisingly, I do remember my first follower/s and it was a blogger duo by the name of Ash & Lilly. Unfortunately, they haven’t  blogged in a very long time but their fashion posts were awesome! 

What got you into blogging? 

It was my passion for writing and photography combined that led me to blogging. Also, as I mentioned in a previous award post, blogging is a very visual medium for me and so it’s very important I only put out content that I’m happy with. I want it to be a visual treat for my readers!  

The Leibster Award – (nominated by the lovely dblossombox

What’s your favourite destination and why? 

Im absolutely loving Hawaii at the moment, ironically I’ve been watching a lot of Hawaii episodes lately (what a coincidence!) and the place is just stunning! P.s two of my blogger friends are also from that part of the world and I’m very jealous to say the least! 🌴🌴🌴

If you had a choice to live in an era, which would it be and why? 

This is a really good question, I’ve always been a fan of the retro hippy glamour.. The bright colours, jazzy prints, layered jewellery..  I totally love the bohemian vibe and luckily it’s all coming back.. Wohoo! 🌸✨📿

How do you get started first thing in the morning? 

Tea, tea and more tea to kick start the day! ☕️

Three essential items you always carry with you when travelling? 

Wet wipes, hair pins and a small pot of vaseline! These are some of my most essential items due to practical reasons. 

Versatile Blogger Award – (nominated by the lovely Alice

List 7 facts about yourself

1) I love the night sky with the stars twinkling bright. There’s something very magical about it! 

2) My star sign is Libra. I used to love reading horoscopes when I was younger but very quickly grew out of it ⚖

3) I love all fruit but my absolute favourite fruit is a watermelon! 🍉

4) I can sleep for days on end, if there’s ever a sleeping competition, then I’m most likely to win it! Lol 💤

5) I love the Autumn season, the falling of the leaves, conker fights, fire logs, hot drinks, crisp air… Ahhh I could go on and on! 🍁🍂

6) I love watching home interior and property shows such as Love it or list it, A place in the sun, Homes by the sea, Grand designs..  most definitely my guilty pleasure! 

7) I love snow, when I was younger I’d always wish for it to snow on Christmas day! ❄️

Phew.. We’ve finally made it to the end! 

According to the rules, I have to nominate other bloggers but I’m going to cheat a little here and open this up to anyone who’d like to participate.. My laptop has packed up and I’m typing this up on my phone so my apologies I couldn’t find time to skim through my followers list to nominate.. I’ll hopefully do a separate post for the shout outs! 

Please check out the lovelies above and share some love.. Thank you so much for the nominations again girls! ❤️

Until next time, 

Sheema x


33 thoughts on “Awards, awards and more awards..! 

  1. Wow, you must be really intelligent to be capable to speak four languages. How I wish to have that sort of talent. I enjoy reading your blog post and thanks for allowing us to know more about you by sincerely answering all the questions presented to you. Oh, by the way, I guess that’s why you have fast metabolism because you drink tea. I might think drinking tea as well to lose some weight. Hahaha. Before I forgot, Congratulations on your awards. How I wish to have award too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, you must be really intelligent to be capable to speak four languages. How I wish to have that sort of talent. I enjoy reading your blog post and thanks for allowing us to know more about you by sincerely answering all the questions presented to you. Oh, by the way, I guess that’s why you have fast metabolism because you drink tea. I might think drinking tea as well to lose some weight. Hahaha. But before I forget, congratulations on your awards. I wish to have award too.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Tea, tea and more tea! Same here. 😀
    The books I’d recommend:
    1. Forty Rules of Love- Elif Shafak
    2. Inferno- Dan Brown
    3. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari- Robin Sharma

    And there many more but right now I can only think of these🌸

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Aww thank you so much sweet, so kind of you! 💕 I think it was easier to pick them up as I was younger, I could never learn as quickly now lol 😣 Ooh gosh, I never thought of it that way, perhaps tea is the reason for my high metabolism.. I’ve been drinking tea since my school days, that makes perfect sense now 😧 I would love to nominate you and for you to complete an award, please pick any of the above and let me know and I’ll check it out! I’ll be looking forward to it. Sending lots of love your way! ❤️✨


  5. I loved reading your answers 🙂 I’m so so impressed that you can speak 4-5 different languages! That’s amazing. Teach me your ways 🙂

    I’d very much so like to read your poetry too! If you’d be interested in sharing one day? 🙂 I have a high metabolism too haha.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Aww thanks so much for the nomination again Fatima, I had great fun writing this post ☺️ Yes of course, as soon as I dig out my old books from my parents attic, I’ll surely share them with you. 🙂 Oh usually my memory is really bad, but I grew up with three languages right from the beginning (Pashto, Hindko and English) so that helped very much thankfully.. Phew! 😅After a while they all sound very similar lol! 🙄 Give me a shout if you’d like any help with it! Thanks again my lovely and a very Happy Ramadan too! ❤️ xx

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Haha aw, thank you! I suppose it is easier to learn when you are a child. Now it’ll be a bit difficult for me unless I really put my mind to it.
    Thank you! 😀 ❤

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  8. Oh no of course not, in fact I’m currently learning Spanish and it’s so much easier to pick up especially if you know English as the words are very similar in nature.. Trust me, you can learn any language you want at any time.. ☺️👌🏻 xx

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  9. Wow Sheema! I love these posts that are about you! I’d LOVE to read your poetry book! I love poetry! Congratulations on your nominations and hopefully you’ll win! Do your followers get to vote for you? You’re super intelligent and I really admire and applaud that you know five languages! If you want, I can help you with spanish! Best of luck!

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Aww thank you so much my lovely, you always make my day with your wonderful comments! 😍 Gosh def, as soon as I rescue my little book from my parents attic, I’d love to share it with you all here. Oh wow, that is great! I’d love to improve my Spanish, count me in! *huge grin* 🙌 You are just so sweet and as soon as I’m back from my little break, I’ve already made plans to catch up on your posts as I love reading through them! 😍 Sending huge hugs and lots of love your way! ❤️ xxx

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