Be Legendary Matte Lipstick – Mauve Matte 

Hey everyone! 

I’ve been meaning to do a post on this beautiful Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in a very long time. 

It has taken a while but finally it is up and ready.. Wohoo! 

If you remember, I had previously written a post on the Pink Fuschia lipstick (view here) from this very brand and mentioned how it had become a firm favourite of mine. Well, as a result I had to purchase another lipstick from Smashbox as the quality and formula of this product is just so rave worthy. Plus, this shade is one of the newest colours in the range. 

The lipstick comes in the shade Mauve Matte

Mauve Matte is a gorgeous mauve pink. I especially love this colour as its the kind of colour you’d wear on a daily basis. You all know of my fascination with pinks and rose toned colours. Therefore, it’s the perfect summer colour and I have been using it non stop! (I’m already halfway through the lippy since these pics were taken!) 😁

(All pics are taken under natural light to give you an accurate shade of colour- no filter) 

Staying power – for me, the staying power is pretty good. You can get a good 4-5 hours without re-applying through light snacks. It’s highly pigmented so a little goes a long way. Even after snacking, you are left with a stain of the colour so it doesn’t vanish completely. 

Packaging – the packaging is very simple yet chic. Personally I love the rectangle shape and the silver Smashbox writing on it. It’s pretty classy. For all you MAC lovers, I also love their lipsticks but this one may have tipped the scales for me as this formula is less drying and just feels so much nourishing on the lips. Just an honest observation! 🕵

Formula – the pigmentation as I mentioned in my previous Smashbox lipstick post is simply exceptional. It glides on effortlessly, leaving a feather light feel. It has a silky matte finish, thoroughly nourishing and jam packed with vitamins C & E to protect the lips. I can’t rave enough about it! 

Price – it may seem a little pricey at £17 for some but with the exceptional quality of this lipstick, the price tag don’t matter at all. I have many lipsticks from other high end brands and they simply do not make the cut. I would keep going back to this brand again and again. I love how it feels on my lips! 

P.S if you guys remember, I mentioned how the previous one was a little wobbly and I wasn’t sure whether it was just my specific lipstick or in general. I can let you know, it was only my lipstick, this one is absolutely fine and quite sturdy. I thought I’d mention it, just in case anyone was curious! 

I absolutely love this brand and the shades of colours found in the Be Legendary range are just swoon- worthy! 

It’s become one of my absolute favourite brands for lipsticks and I cant wait to try other amazing colours. I do wish they would bring out a lot more colours though. Ooh the femme fatale is high on my list! *sigh* 

Until next time, 
Sheema xx


13 thoughts on “Be Legendary Matte Lipstick – Mauve Matte 

  1. They sell this lipstick for $21 at my local Sephora. I’ve always wanted to try it. I can relate to when you said that some high-end lipsticks just don’t deliver good results because I’ve purchased several YSL lipsticks and they don’t come out even on my lips.
    BTW, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award because I love your blog!

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  2. Hey Alice, absolutely, I was really surprised by the quality of this brand. I actually think it’s a much better formulation than MAC and some other high end brands in my opinion. Some simply don’t do the job and not to mention huge amounts of money being spent on purchasing them.. 😔😁 Aww thank you so much for the nomination my lovely, I will have a post up soon alongside other nominations I’ve received .. Thank you for appreciating the blog. That’s so kind of you! ☺️ xx

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