L’oreal Mini Nail Collection – Cool Blues  ✨


Hey everyone! 

As Summer arrives, it’s a time to paint your nails with so many beautiful shades of colour, be it classic nudes, bright punchy neons, light pastels, glitter nails to the most recent ombré effect. 

With pastel and mint shades being more popular than ever, a big hit on and off runways to magazines, I decided to buy some cool blue nail colours for myself. 

Pastel colours are especially great as they add an elegance to an outfit. They are lighter in colour, so even if chipped/smudged, it doesn’t bring much attention to the nail and looks super feminine and summery.

These L’oreal mini bottles 5ml are great, they come in tons of beautiful colours, it saves space in the makeup bag but most importantly, if you just want to try a colour out and will only use it for a season or two, then this size bottle will be perfect for it. 

As put beautifully by L’oreal.. 

“The wardrobe of gel based colours that offer exceptional formula rich in high-concentrate pigments and a built in top coat. It leaves a glossy finish, so the polish glides on smoothly and easily during application. 

The patented brush technology gives extra precision. 

The flat brush holds the formula, so the colour is applied to nails easily. 

The mini 5ml bottle allows every woman to mix and match her favourite hues from the range to complement her every mood, occasion and look”

Price – £4.99 each 




 The two colours that I’m absolutely loving are from L’oreal Riche Le Vernis collection in the shades below; 

142 – French Riviera 

It’s a beautiful minty (almost pistachio) pastel colour, with a dose of light shimmer it instantly transforms your hands from drab to fab and adds a nice summery touch to the nails. I find it to be a very pretty colour that will go with any colour outfit! 


617 – You are worth it  

This is more of a grey/blue shade which I’m also loving at the moment. Again, a true versatile colour, gives off a much more sophisticated look.  If you want to go for a more darker look, yet stay fresh and summery then this is the shade for you. It’s so glossy and I’ve only applied it once, how amazing is the coverage!

It is so much easier to mix and match these shades as they are so similar in colour. Once you incorporate other pastel shades, they look so beautiful together. The other pastel combinations of pinks, yellows, lilacs also look very nice together, these colours are sure to get you in the spring mode! 🌸🌺🌸

TIP: Add a bit of gold or silver glitter accent to either the ring or index finger to make it stand out. It brightens up even the dullest of the colours! 

L’oreal Top Coat – Gold Leaf

Glamour in a bottle!

This gold speckled top coat is absolutely stunning and really compliments the complete look. You can use it on its own or on top of any nail colour. It stays on forever!


Apart from Gold leaf top cot, I’m also loving Discoball (silver glitter), which sadly I’ve run out of and Underwater Kiss (lilac/blue, pink glitter) which is a must have! 

Hope you’ve enjoyed my pick of the blue pastel colours. 

Until next time, keep sparkling! ✨

Sheema xx


25 thoughts on “L’oreal Mini Nail Collection – Cool Blues  ✨

  1. Aww thanks my lovely, it’s a really nice springy colour and I’ve really fallen in love with it just like the ones in your pastel shades post. I’m crushing on pastels at the moment as they’re simply gorgeous.. Thanks again my lovely! 😘

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