Another beautiful summer beach town “Deba” ⛵️

Hey everyone! 

As you all know, Spain is full of beautiful sandy beaches.. We planned to visit as many as we could with the siblings as the weather was absolutely gorgeous and we couldn’t miss this opportunity. ☀️

On one of the days, we decided to visit the beach in Deba and luckily for us this beach town is less than 20 mins away from where we live. It was a beautiful sunny day and so we caught the train to Deba. It’s a stunning sandy beach and is free from all the touristy gimmicks. 

It’s a calm, quiet and almost as if a private beach which is great for when you really want to absorb the beautiful view and surroundings without being too distracted by everyone around you. You get to see all the locals enjoying the beautiful view with their family and children and it’s such a serene sight. 

Here are some beautiful pictures for you all to enjoy; 

A view from the top; 


We popped into this lovely hut cafe that faces the beach directly.. The lighting was very dim inside and so the pictures didn’t come out very bright. However, just to give you an idea of what it looked like, here it is.. ⚓️

There were pictures of the beach in photo frames all across the cafe. It was really cute. The pics didn’t do any justice so unfortunately I couldn’t take any more.. 



While we were relaxing on the beach, I was so fascinated by the number of sea shells that were scattered across on the sand. This really enchanted me as I used to love collecting shells as a child. Needless to say, we collected a handful so that I could store them in a mason jar as a decoration piece for home.  🐚🐚

TIP: If you’re away on a holiday somewhere and want a souvenir to remind you of your beautiful trip. I recommend creating a jar full of your favourite little trinkets of your trip and this will make a great memory jar as well as looking beautiful in your room! 

I plan to put all my sea shells in a mason jar with some sand and making a decorative little piece for my home. This will also be a beautiful reminder of my trip with the family.



I wore a very comfortable long maxi dress from East, brown gladiator sandals and a sparkly Miss Selfridge clutch bag. I know it’s hardly a beach bag, but considering it was a beautiful sunny day, I felt like I had to add a bit of sparkle! ✨ 

P.S I never get a tan, feel like such a vampire at times but I’m hoping the more I hit the beach, maybe I’ll get that natural bronze look someday. In the meantime, I’ll rely on my Benefit Hoola Bronzer! Haha 😝

Hope you all enjoyed this post, I’ll catch up with you all soon! 

Sheema xx


22 thoughts on “Another beautiful summer beach town “Deba” ⛵️

  1. Hi lovely,

    the pictures look so nice. It is morning time here and this chocolate croissant looks too good right now 😉

    I also love the Hoola bronzer (they came out with a liquid version). If you are into ‘that natural, radiant tan’ you should look into the Clarins Radiant Booster. I wrote a blog post a couple days ago about it and I love it!

    Have a wonderful time in Deba


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  2. Aww thanks so much sweet, I must give it a go. The liquid version sounds great. I’ll have to check the post out! ☺️ Haha I totally understand, they’re so scrumptious.. I’ve been eating so many of these choc croissants, just cannot seem to resist them! 😳😬 Thank you again and let’s hope the sun keeps shining! Have a lovely day! 😍☀️ xx

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  3. Thanks Shreya, the sunny weather makes the beach just so gorgeous to be at, it’s truly beautiful. Gosh, yes the memory jar is great, looks stunning in the room and it’s also very personal and takes you back to those beautiful memories 💖 Thank you so much for reading 😘 xx

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  4. Ahh don’t 😞 That makes me want to come back, had such a great time can’t wait to book another flight 😄

    Hope you’re having fun and take loads of pics 💭🇪🇸 Take care sis cxxx

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  5. Hey Kay, so good to hear from you! We are really missing you guys already, not the same without you lot! Make sure you book that flight and come back soon, lots of festivals to be seen in the summer! ❤️🎪🎶 lots of love xxx


  6. Haha thank you my lovely, it’s such a lovely change from the typical British weather that I’m so used to.. 😬 The beach was so peaceful and there was no disturbance whatsoever.. It was also very warm which was so pleasant. Thank you so much for the read! 😘 xx

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  7. Greetings Sheema!

    You’ve a lovely blog and name! Thanks so much for visiting my blog home, as it was my stupendous introduction to you!

    The photos are exquisite! One day, I, too, shall visit Spain, a country one of my friends absolutely adores!

    Have a beautiful day,


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  8. Aww thanks so much for stopping by Claudia, you have been so sweet with your words. It’s very much appreciated my lovely! 😍 You must visit Spain, it’s absolutely beautiful, lush cuisine and has tons of festivals which are so rich and colourful. I’m sure you’ll love it too. Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay here. Have a lovely day! 😘 xx

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  9. Thank you, Sheema! Your words, as well, as beautiful! 🙂 My friend did speak of the fantastic Spanish festivals! I want to dance and eat at more than a few! Yessss!
    Tener un gran dia! Y muchas gracias!

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  10. Gosh, yes lots of festivals.. I am looking forward to summer as it’ll be music, dance and fun on the streets! 😍💃🏻🎶 you’re very welcome my lovely.. De nada.. Y tu tambien guapa! 😘 xx

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