Let’s go to the beach..! ⛵️

Hey everyone! 

I just wanted to update you in pictures on what a busy (and mighty fun!) few days that I’ve had with my siblings who are spending their Easter break with us. 

We visited the famous La Concha beach in San Sebastián and what a sight it was! 

This excerpt from San Sebastián tourism website explains it beautifully below.. 

” The most classic, most photographed, most visited… We’re talking about the iconic Concha Beach. Its landscape and its fine white sand make the Concha unique, the second top city beach in the world according to the Travel and Leisure magazine. The Concha stretches out for a kilometre and a half, with the accent on elegance and delightful city views”. 

Well I can certainly vouch for this, it is definitely an experience and everyone should go and visit it! 

The weather was amazing, we had great company, delicious mouth-wateringly food and voila beautiful memories created! 

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy..


P.S Not sure how safe this was but literally kids were diving from above this staircase into the sand below.. It was a very sandy beach so I suppose it was all fine but still (you know what I mean!) I think I’ll pass on this offer! 😬





This beautiful and magnificent hotel named “Hotel Londres” which in English translates Hotel London, looks down directly at the beach, imagine waking up to this stunning view every single day..! 😱





Sunny weather and ice cream go hand in hand. And so of course, we had to grab some ice cream too..😜 We spotted the Boulevard ice cream parlour and I chose my usual favourite chocolate and mint. There were literally ice cream parlours and cafe’s dotted everywhere you looked! Hey no one was complaining! 😋  
Until next time, enjoy the sun and stay safe. Adios! 

Sheema xx


18 thoughts on “Let’s go to the beach..! ⛵️

  1. Aww thanks so much my lovely, we really enjoyed our mini adventures together.. It was so much fun! ☺️ Oh gosh you must, you’ll really enjoy it, especially when it’s with close and loved ones. So many memories to cherish for later.. ❤️ Thank you so much for commenting hun. 😘 xx


  2. Oh congrats and you will absolutely love San Sebastián, it is so beautiful! (My fave city by far) 😊 The weather is also beautiful and really hope you enjoy your stay my lovely! xx


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