Spring has Sprung! 🌺


Hey everyone! 

Spring is officially here this weekend and I couldn’t be more happy. I just wish we get to see the sunny days sooner as it’s still quite chilly-ish (though next weekend is supposed to a very sunny week!) hurray! ☀️

I’m also very excited as my siblings are coming down from England to visit us on their Easter break and I have many activities planned for all of us. I wish the weather changes for the better soon enough so that we can hit those beaches and touristy spots and really enjoy the week that we have together. I’m sure there will be plenty of banter! 

I’ve been on a major spring clean in the last couple of days.. I’ve been busy sorting out my wardrobe, those maxi dresses and skirts are coming out. Just looking at the pretty bright colours makes me so happy. I’ve managed to swap my perfumes for the light summery scents and finally those jewels will be seeing the light of day. I am looking forward to wearing those layered pieces during the summer, I feel the statement pieces are the thing. It will seriously glam up any top you’re wearing! 

TIP: I noticed I have a lot of mixed metals in my jewellery collection and I believe this is going to look really chic. So get those beautiful pieces out and wow everyone with them! 

I love fresh flowers and there’s nothing like shopping for some beautiful ones from the florist. I noticed a pop of colour on my way to the shops where I saw a few blooms and daffodils. They looked so stunning and and bright yellow definitely screams “springtime” to me. 🌻🌻

I find flowers instantly add a pop of colour to your homes. It looks gorgeous sitting on your table, which turns even the dullest room into a dazzling one. It’s also an inexpensive way to decorate your room for the new season. 

I’ve also been actively trying to drink a lot of water and topping up on my fruits and vegetables. I find as the weather changes, I find myself eating more healthy and drinking a lot of water. 

On top of drinking water, fresh fruits and smoothies also keep you hydrated and fresh during the hotter months. Fruits have approximately 80-90% water, natural sugars which give you a healthy, glowing skin. So be sure to add it to your diet as it provides many nutritional benefits to your body. 🍒🍓🍉🍋

We can finally say goodbye to winter and welcome spring with open arms. Spring for me is a season of joy, colour and happiness. 

I wish you all a very happy Spring! 

Sheema xx


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