VA Boutique Jewellery – for the Modern Bohemian! πŸŒ™βœ¨

Calling all Bohemian lovers out there..!  

I love anything that’s bohemian and it’s very evident with my everyday interaction with you all. You all must know of my fascination with bohemian jewellery by now and so when VA Boutique kindly sent me their beautiful gemstone crystal bracelets, I was beyond excited! 

VA Boutique brings you beautiful gems from its hidden treasures for the modern bohemian in you! 

Not only does it sell jewellery but has a range of homeware and stationary available too. From its dainty delicate pendants to beautifully coloured stacker bracelets. It has you covered!

As the website says, it’s where Bohemian lifestyle meets simple Scandinavian style! πŸŒ™βœ¨

As I was opening my parcel, my first reaction was how chic the packaging looked inside, each individual packet had the company’s logo on it. Furthermore, my jewellery was also wrapped carefully in a black tissue paper which looked so pretty. Each bracelet was sent in a separate packet individually wrapped with all the love and care. I mean who wouldn’t be happy to receive this! 

Alison, the lovely owner of the boutique also sent a hand written note which I thought was so sweet! 


I received these lovey gemstone crystal bracelets that I instantly fell in love with. My bracelets came in Rose Quartz, Cherry Quartz and Citrine. (They have tons more different ones on their website!) 

Aren’t they just beautiful? The colours are simply stunning!  

Rose Quartz is a pink stone. For centuries, it’s been considered to be a fertility crystal. It has been used for healing heart problems and female disorders, but also for love magic, therefore in ‘matters of the heart’ πŸ’•

Rose Quartz also imparts empathy, sensitivity and helpfulness. It encourages proper self love, a strong heart and the ability to love. 

Astrological Signs – Taurus/Libra 

Chakra – Heart 

Vibrates to the number 7 

You can buy here 

This one below is Cherry Quartz, again another beautiful coloured gemstone. I’m not aware of any metaphysical properties as its relatively new to me but it’s a gorgeous colour stone. If you gemstone lovers know more, please let me know below. I love discovering new things about stones. 

You can buy here 

Citrine is a yellow crystal quartz that derives its colour from minimum amounts of additional iron and from slightly ionizing radiation. 

Modern Citrine is said to be able to strengthen the intellect and provoke a sunny disposition. 

Citrine encourages individuality, self confidence and the forage to face and enjoy life. It makes us dynamic and encourages a desire for variety, new experiences and self-realization. 

It helps us to overcome depression and free ourselves from oppressive influences. Citrine makes us extroverted and encourages self-expression. 

Astrological Signs – Gemini/Aries/Libra/ Leo 

Chakra – Sacral / Solar Plexus / Crown

Vibrates to the number 6 

You can buy here 

Gosh, they are so beautiful in colour that I’m having a hard time choosing my favourite one. Can I keep them all. I’m a Libran, do you blame me! Ha! 😳

They look beautiful by themselves or you can stack them up like I did with other bracelets for a lovely boho style look. It’s also perfect for adding a pop of colour to any outfit. 

The main concern for me always is the size. I have tiny wrists and so a lot of bracelets are always too big for me. Well, luckily for me they are elasticated so they will fit almost any size. Hurray! (So happy to know this, means I can keep them all to mysel!) 

Now for the best part, they are so affordable at Β£4 each, I’d buy one in every colour! 

P.S Don’t you feel frustrated when there’s something you like and the price is simply extortionate. I’ve had that experience with my jewellery shopping before. Have a look at their website as you get good quality pieces at affordable prices. You definitely won’t be disappointed! 



Instagram: @vaboutiqueuk

Twitter: @VABoutiqueUK

What do you guys think? Which colour bracelet do you like the most? Which one would you go for? Please do leave a comment below 
Sheema xx

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