Skin Saviours – SOS πŸ’§

Brrrr it’s cold outside! 🌦

Even though winter seems to be coming to an end (well almost!), there is still a chill factor in the air. I’ve been staying indoors as of late as the gloomy cold weather has been causing havoc on my skin. ☹️ 

I took some time to re-evaluate my skincare regime. The in-between season is the difficult one to prepare for. It’s neither too cold or hot, thus not knowing what to expect. This has been a dilemma for my wardrobe too! 

Anyways, this is the time to focus on skincare and prepare for the transitional season. We’ve all been there, where we’ve got tons of skincare products sitting on our cabinets gathering dust. Some of which, we’ve hardly used (or opened). This is the time, where our skin needs all the help it can get and believe me you’ll be thankful for it later. 

So to remedy this, I’ve been using the following products which have helped me overcome this problem. I have been very religious with my routine and my skin feels so much smoother, softer and fresher already. 

I love gorgeous fruit based smells as they instantly uplift my mood even on a dull rainy day. It makes me feel like I’m on a tropical island somewhere.. Do you guys remember the Herbal Essense ads? haha yes something like that! πŸ’πŸ‰πŸ‹

Imperial Leather Bath Cream – this has such a gorgeous smell. It consists of pink peony and cherry blossom. The name is enough to want sun all year around. This is my second bottle and I can’t seem to get enough of it. The smell is heavenly and it instantly puts you in a calm “zen” like mood! It’s also a great transitional product from winter to spring. 

Radox Hand Wash – I’ve just recently finished my honey and almond one and have fallen in love with this hand wash. The pink bottle is super cute and brightens up my mood. It consists of pink grapefruit and basil and the smell is simply angelic. I’ve always loved Radox products and this one is also a keeper! 


Palmers’ Cocoa Butter Hand Cream – It’s no secret I LOVE this hand cream. I keep coming back to it again and again, it’s my go-to product at all times. I’ve nearly finished mine and can’t seem to find it in my nearest department store here in Spain. The scent may be a little strong for some, but this does the job like no other. It’s thoroughly nourishing and super hydrating for my hands. My family is coming over in a few weeks time and I think I need to ask them to grab a few for me! πŸ˜›

Body Shop Body Butter – I happen to have the cocoa formula one but to be very honest, they all are super amazing. I’ve tried almost all of the body butter varieties, they smell heavenly and are at the same time very kind to the skin. My mum adores these too and every time we are out, we always try to grab each other a body butter always as we use it so much! 

Sudocrem – who hasn’t heard of this already? It’s quite literally a life saver.. It’s such a versatile product, from healing minor burn marks to rash, eczema to treating spots.. the list is endless. It’s a miracle in a bottle! 

Nivea – I’ve been using Nivea since I can remember. My mum and grandma adore this brand and inadvertently I’ve also grown up loving it. I always get one from my mum on special occasions and you’ll see this blue bottle or tub in every cabinet, drawer, room, office space, I mean anywhere you can lay your eyes on..I’m not even joking! We’re a family of Nivea body cream lovers! Haha 

Carmex or Vaseline –It doesn’t matter what lip balm you use, but be sure to use it. It’s a must for winter and transitional season as lips are the first thing to suffer. Who wants dry lips right? So be sure to moisturise them and you’ll be thankful once the sun comes out. 

I hope this has been helpful, these are some of my skin saviours and would love to know what recommendation you have.. So leave a comment as I’d love to hear from you. Until then stay warm! 

Sheema x

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