Benefit Hoola Bronzer – Review 

Hey everyone! 

I’m really excited to bring to you this award winning beauty from Benefit named the Hoola Bronzer

I know there are numerous wonderful reviews floating on the internet about this gem but I wanted to also share mine alongside all the ones already available. 

First, let me give you an excerpt from the official Benefit website which is as follow; 

Beach in a box! Dust this award winning bronzing powder over your chin, cheeks and forehead for a healthy, natural-looking “tan” year around. It’s pure matte colour.. No sparkle or shine! 

Price £23.50  

Doesn’t it sound tempting already. I was immediately drawn to this iconic bronzer but had my reservations as I’m quite fair and feared whether it would look a tad “too much” on me. I would try to avoid it but it was just everywhere! I blame all the magazines and beauty guru’s that would keep going on about it. The craze wasn’t going to die down anytime soon so I finally decided to bite the bullet. 

Let me tell you, this had been the best decision ever. Being a bronzer newbie, it brought me to the world of sun kissed skin. As this bronzer is of matte finish, it really brightens your face and truly gives you that healthy glow. You can also build it up gradually which is very beneficial. Every time I look a little tired, I just dab a bit of this bronzer onto my chin, cheeks and forehead and voila! 


First, let me talk a little about the packaging. It comes in a cute little box that flips open to reveal the turquoise bronzer brush and a mirror inside. A mirror is just an added bonus! 

The brush inside is really cute. Though I must confess I don’t get to use it as much. I always tend to reach for my real techniques (or other) brushes instead. 

It is highly pigmented so a little goes a long way. The colour is not orange-y and will suit all skin kinds. It’s a natural warm toned brown. Trust me, even I had my reservations. It will definitely suit any skin colour. Here’s a swatch below; 

TIP: always tap off the excess on the brush!

It serves as a multi purpose product. It’s great for contouring. So if you wanted those sculpted cheeks, or a defined jaw line then this is going to be your BFF! As its not so dark in colour so it gives off a lovely golden look. Perfect for summer nights! 

Lastly, it’s an investment. It’s fab value for your money, long lasting and of high quality. What more could you want?! 

P.S I did watch a few YouTube as well as benefit makeup demonstration videos on their website to master the art of bronzing. So if you are a newbie, like I was, then it’s very important. It’ll help you out a great deal. (I’m still learning!) 😕

So say Aloha to this little box of magic and see what it can do for you.. I can assure you it’s going to be a staple product in your makeup bag. It’s going to be very hard to miss! 

My verdict: Perfection in a box ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


20 thoughts on “Benefit Hoola Bronzer – Review 

  1. Hey me too! But honestly you just build it up as you work with it and always remember to tap the excess as I made so many mistakes at the beginning. It is a really good product, I’m sure you’ll love it 😍


  2. Aww haha yes that was my main concern, I was really worried but it really is subtle, looks much darker in the box. Jut a tip, keep building the colour gradually with very light strokes.. You’ll honestly love it! It will add warmth to the skin. Go for it! 😍💕 xx

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  3. They always have the prettiest packaging, don’t they? I’ve been tempted by this one for a while but I know for a fact that bronzer always looks weird on my pale skin – I even look weird when I have a real tan!

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  4. They really do, ☺️ I love the cute little brush too.. Yes even I was a little apprehensive at first but honestly if you use it very lightly, it’ll give off more of a glowy look..


  5. I was too-ing and fro-ing with this and the too faced chocolate soliel bronzer. I ended up buying a box from benefit with a really good miniature of this in with their other products. It’s lovely (I also couldn’t resist buying the too faced one on the same day, don’t judge me 😉) and I love that too. Xx

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