Stroke of Genius – Real Techniques Brush Set 

Hey everyone! 

Today I really want to talk about this very popular brush set which in my opinion is totally worth every penny.  I mean who hasn’t heard of this already! 

It’s called the Real Techniques by the British sister duo Sam and Nic Chapman or more popularly known as Pixiwoo. Their YouTube channel is fun and informative and really gives you an insight about beauty and makeup.

I bought my set of brushes from Boots and it retailed at £19.99. However, there’s always some kind of promotional offer going on if you keep checking back into Boots, you may even be able to get them for much less. 

They come in a lovely black brush case and include the following; 

* Detailer Brush 

* Pointed Foundation Brush 

* Buffing Brush 

* Contour Brush 


Design: It’s a lovely set of brushes with a gold detailed design. It looks much more expensive than it really is. It gives off that high quality finish which makes it very attractive to the buyer. I love that it has Nic and Sam’s names across the gold part of the brush. 

The brush case is very versatile as it can double up as a stand. So no need to fuss over losing them as you can put them away neatly in its original case. This is perfect for travelling! 

Product: The brushes are super soft. I can’t stress this enough. They are very gentle on the skin and allow the build up of foundation with each stroke. 

If it can work for a complete novice like me, then it can most certainly work for you too. It’s very easy to use and perfect whether you’re a beginner or an experienced makeup artist. 

Price: If you purchase these brushes separately, they will roughly cost you between £7-9 (maybe more) or any other brand for that matter. However you’re getting a set of four brushes (with the case) for only £19.99 which is a  complete bargain! 

No wonder why these makeup brushes end up selling so fast. I’ve been told most of the times you cannot even get your hands on them as they’re always out of stock. I will highly recommend these and it’s the perfect brush set to your makeup collection. 

I’ve been using my set for a few months now and cannot imagine myself without it. I hope to pick up another set as a back up. Once you use these, it’ll be very difficult to go back to another set. 

What are your views and opinion.. Do you like this set? Do you own it? Do share.. 

Sheema x


23 thoughts on “Stroke of Genius – Real Techniques Brush Set 

  1. I love Real Techniques! I think the quality is amazing, and you can’t beat the price! I personally don’t have this set, but if I ‘m ever in the market for its contents, I will most likely purchase!

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  2. Yes!!! I have the same set and I absolutely love it! Best part is they make great multi-purpose brushes (I use the foundation brush for concealer, the contour brush for setting my concealer, the buffing brush for foundation and blush and the detailer brush for putting shimmering eyeshadow on the outer corner of my eyes!) Great post, Sheema!

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  3. Oh my goodness me too! It truly is a versatile brush set.. I can’t even imagine myself prior to using this set now.. I’m so glad you liked it. Thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot 😘 xx

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