What’s in my bag – Winter Edit 

Hey everyone! 

If you remember I did a what’s in my makeup bag a while back. Well, I thought I ought to do a what’s in my bag one for you too. This is strictly a winter edition as my bag changes during the Spring Summer for a lighter one and I really don’t carry as many things as I would in the colder season. I think it’s because I hoard a lot of food (mainly chocolates and cookies!) and it surely reflects in my bag.  Do you blame me! 😬

Now the Furla bag you see here has been very kindly gifted to me by my sister for my last birthday. She previously worked for a luxury brand company and I’m very lucky to have received it from her. I could never justify paying so much for a bag personally and this is the only luxury designer bag that I own, unless I win the lottery of course! Having said that, even if I did win the lottery.. I’d just love to travel around the world and create memories with my loved ones. 

Okey dokey let’s get started.. 

I love the deeper dark and beige-y colours for my bags during the winter months. They look very clean and chic. As you can get away with wearing a lot of glitter and sparkle during the festive season, so I like to balance it out with the choice of my bag colour. This bag is perfect for carrying all my essentials for this season. It makes a wonderful work bag too. I love that it has a zip so everything inside is safe and there’s no fear of the items falling out. 

Firstly, I always have some sort of makeup item/s in my bag, pref a lipstick, concealer, a hand cream, small travel compact that carries eye and blush colours within it and a mirror. I don’t like carrying a lot of things and find if you can find items that have multiple shades in one compact, it’s a lot easier. Also travel size works very well in my opinion. I tend to keep the full size products at home (unless you absolutely have to) as I like to travel very light. 

I always have to carry hair pins and hair bands as I’m always needing them esp when I’m at work or otherwise. When my curls fall flat, I just tie my hair up in a ponytail or a hair bun and I’m good to go! (It’s a must if you ask me). 

Next a Vaseline or a lip balm is a must no matter what the season. I wear a lot of matte lipsticks and I’m constantly needing to apply Vaseline to my lips. I’ve recently been using Carmex and find it to be very nourishing. 

Wet wipes or a tissue pack is also a must for me. My mum always has them in her bag and has really encouraged me to do the same. It’s always the basic things that we forget to carry in our bags don’t you think? Where would we be without our mums! 

Oh and a travel size perfume too. I try and avoid carrying the full size bottles. So the small sizes work best for me. 

Onto my favourite part, I cannot live without my diary. This one is so girly, it was a present and so I decided to use it as its so lovely and pink! Also with the gloomy grey weather here in Spain (can you believe it) it really brightens my day! 

I jot all my ideas in my diary and/or in a notebook and that’s where all the magic begins. I’m a creative soul so always need to have a physical hard book rather than being on my phone all the time. I’m just a little old school like that! 

I had finished my Khaled Hosseini book and haven’t started a new one yet but that’s another thing I always like to carry. I’m a big book fan. In fact, this remind me I’ve been recommended a book here by a fellow blogger which I’ll try to get my hands on. As well as a book, some juicy gossip and entertainment from magazines is also a must! 


If I’m out on a longer day trip then my IPad will accompany me but otherwise it stays at home. It’s especially good when stuck in a traffic or a long queue and you can just whip it out and keep yourself busy with it. Book or a magazine works equally well too. 
Finally, you will always find a water bottle in my bag. I must confess I find it very difficult to drink half as much during the winter. It’s just so much easier during the summer months. However, as you all know I love my hot beverages (tea/coffee) you name it so I need to keep hydrated and find once I’m in a good routine, I tend to do well. I’d encourage all of you to keep a water bottle on the go at all times. Plus, it’s great for the skin! 😉

Other essentials are chewing gum and travel sweets (or normal butter sweets). I’ve inherited this from my mum and has been a habit since. 

P.S my wallet has been completely run down, time for a new one and hence the poor fella couldn’t make an appearance on here 😞

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, like I say it keeps changing from season to season but this is what I’m carrying presently.. Do share your thoughts

Sheema x


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