Pink Alert! Smashbox Lipstick 

My love for the colour pink is never ending. You all must know by now of my fascination with lipsticks especially the pink matte kind. I recently came across this beautiful shade called “Fuschia Flash Matte” by Smashbox. 

It’s a beautiful hot pink colour with a matte finish. Usually when we talk about matte lipsticks, drying is the word that comes to mind. Well certainly not for this one, it’s thoroughly nourishing and hydrating with a high quality finish to it. 

You only need a single glide of this rich colour which instantly transforms you into a show stopper. This pink beauty is a must for you pink loving girls out there. It comes with a price tag of £17 which can seem a lot to some but isn’t at all bad considering it’s a good quality product. 

Staying power – it will stay on for 4-5 hours (or more!) as I found on light snacking. It’s extremely rich in texture so there’s very little re-application needed during the day. A bonus I’d say! 

Packaging – the packaging is very simple yet chic. However, one thing I’d say is the lipstick inside does get a little wobbly. Now I’m not too sure whether it’s just mine or whether this is a problem throughout but you may need to be a little careful esp during the hotter months.  My tip would be to keep it in the fridge! 

This is my very first purchase from Smashbox and I am truly converted. My sister has owned a few products from this range but I never got around to checking it out. I wish I had done so earlier. Better late than never! I will certainly try other products from this range from and am truly impressed so far. 

I will highly recommend and cannot rave more about this lipstick especially. I think it will soon enough be a staple product in my beauty bag. If you have tried any products from Smashbox, do let me know below xx


15 thoughts on “Pink Alert! Smashbox Lipstick 

  1. I couldn’t believe how creamy and rich the texture of this lipstick was on the lips. Most def converted to this brand.. I agree, it’s a beautiful product. Have to check more out xx


  2. You know YSL has always been my fave brand in clothing and bag, though I cannot afford it.. (Need to win the lottery) 😟 I’ll have to try their lipsticks as I’ve always been tempted. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention xx

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