What’s in my makeup bag 


Hello everyone! 

I have recently been fascinated with the “what’s in my makeup bag” posts, so much so that I must have read hundreds of these posts already! (A little worrying) 😬 

As you all know, us females love to be inquisitive when it comes to seeing what other people are carrying in the name of beauty. It’s almost like a therapy just looking through other people’s makeup bags whether it’s here on blog posts or through YouTube videos.. I absolutely love it!  

There’s no harm in that is there, it’s all in the name of research I say.. 🤓

So, this gave me a little idea to share my little beauty bag with you too. Now, I’m much more of a hoarder than anything but while I was preparing for this post, I’ve realised that my makeup bag doesn’t look too full of nonsensical stuff (if that’s even a word!) if you see what I mean as you read this post. It looks pretty neat and though I wouldn’t use all these products in one go but they’re certainly the products I use everyday rotating here and there. 

Now, you know when generally people ask what’s the one makeup item you can’t live without or if there’s only one item you can take with you on a desert island then what would it be? Well for me it has to be a lipstick. 

Lipsticks: I can’t live without my lipsticks and I have to have one on me at all times. I don’t care so much for a foundation or a mascara if I have to choose, then lipstick would be it. I especially love pinkish nude colours (pref matte) that blend with the natural colour of my lips, so Kate Moss’s selection for Rimmel is my fave in the shade 101. I have tons of this lipstick, one in each bag and drawer at home. It’s almost identical to my lip colour, I cannot live without it. 

The other lipstick that I always carry is Mac’s Angel and/or Please Me. Depending on my mood, I put either one of those in my bag. 

It goes without saying you need a good Vaseline in your bag always, with its multiple benefits.. It has to be a staple product in every beauty bag! 

Foundation: I don’t wear foundation much, though as you will see in the above pictures I had been recommended the Bare Minerals foundation powder. For the first time in my life, I was matched to my foundation colour at the Bare Mineral counter in Debenhams and it felt quite surreal but exciting all at the same time. The make up girl said its perfect for those who are starting off with a foundation or people who want a natural/light coverage. It’s perfect for me as when I do have it on, it really allows my skin to breathe. I went ahead and purchased one and my shade is R210. It’s also got spf 20 so more reason to buy it. 

I’ve been using my Estée Lauder (£30) concealer for a few years now, even before I purchased my Bare Minerals foundation last year, this concealer is all I used to hide any redness or imperfections on my face. I can’t rave more about this concealer as it gives you maximum coverage and is great at hiding any pigmentations or uneven skin. I normally use it for the redness on my nose and if I’ve broken out into a pimple, then darn it this product is used more than sparingly 😟

I’ve heard Estée Lauder concealers are so effective that they are also used to even hide tattoos on the body. So you can imagine how good this product is gonna be. 👌🏻

Eyes: the palette that I simply can’t live without is the fabulous Urban Decay Naked palette. I’ve got all three of the naked palettes and love them like crazy but presently I’m using a mix of the no2 and no3. I’ve used most of my no 2 and am in the process of creating new looks with the rose coloured palette. I wasn’t quite sure at first about the rose coloured shades, I loved it instantly but I think no 2 has to be my most fave if I were to pick but this palette has really grown on me. So much so that its in my makeup bag now. It’s also perfect for a romantic makeup look.. Ahem with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, do we really need an excuse! 💕

I’m currently using the Rimmel Scandalous Mascara in Black and it’s not that great but neither too bad. I’m quite lucky with my eyelashes so I never really fuss with my mascara and pick any one that I can lay my hands on. Having said that, I do love the Benefit one (please see review in my earlier post). 

Blusher: I really ought to spend more time finding a good blusher but since I’ve laid my eyes on this Mac Briar Rose Powder, I’ve not changed one since. How lazy!

P.s this blusher was part of MAC’s Venomous Villains theme and I think it has been discontinued. I picked mine at Bicester Village so please do check.  Ooh the packaging is so lovely though, it caught my eye straightaway! 

But you know this works great for me and I love the subtle Rose colour. It isn’t too bright and just gives a healthy glow to the face. I’m not even sure if it’s a blusher blusher, it’s more like Benefit’s Dandelion Powder which I also love and adore. I do switch between the two and love the subtle natural look it gives. 

The other little tub that caught my eye in Boots was Collection’s Blush and Highlight Duo. Its a cute little pot with a blush and a cute shimmery highlighter. Its a good size to just throw in the bag and use as and when needed. The plus side, it doesn’t use much space either. 

Brushes: the only two brushes in my makeup bag are that of the Bare Minerals foundation brush, which I purchased with my Bare Minerals Foundation. It’s a nice sturdy brush and gives even coverage. 

The second is part of a Real Techniques brush collection for £19.99 from Boots. It’s by the sister duo Sam and Nic Chapman or popularly known as the pixiwoo (on YouTube) who are ah-mazing makeup artists. 

So I’d love to hear about your fave items – do share x


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