Happy New Year 2016! 

Hello everyone! 

A very Happy New Year 2016 to you and wishing that this year brings you plenty of happiness, success and joy! 

I’ve made no new year resolution/s as such, however I wanted to really focus on starting this year on a positive note and see it through to the end. This means being able to bring a positive change within me too. Also, as I’m far from home so I wanted to absorb as much culture as Spain has to offer. It’s full of festivals and I’ll be sure to keep you all updated as we go along. I have a few things in mind which I’ll reveal over time. In the meantime, as Spaniards would say Feliz ańo nuevo!

However, before I say my Adios, here’s a sneak peek of my new bucket list I’ve created for this year.. 

My bucket list for 2016; 

* Visit Pamplona to see Running of the Bulls. I have always wanted to see these big beasts running live (of course I dare not participate in the run myself, else I wouldn’t be here to tell the story!) 😁

* See the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. I’ve heard quite a bit about the museums whacky architecture and it seems to be on  everyone’s list for things to do in Spain. 

* I love my tea and coffee so I want to explore as many cafe’s as possibles (Spain is full of cafe’s) and to just sit back and watch the world go by. The lovely hot weather is just a bonus!  ☕️🍪 

* Take a long walk on the beach at sunset or even gaze at the stars at night. I’ve always wanted to do this, it sounds so magical ! ✨

* Snack on Churros in Madrid. I remember the ones I used to enjoy during the Christmas stalls in Oxford. I absolutely love these and have heard it’s very popular here too. Yay! 

* See a Traditional Flamenco dance, I love to groove to Spanish music so this will just be beautiful to watch! 💃🏻

* Roam around the side streets of Barcelona, getting lost and finding my way. 

* Visiting the Alhambra fortress, so many people have raved about this beauty. I really cannot wait to explore it for myself in the Summer. 

Stay tuned and join me on my new adventures in 2016.. Sending lots of love xx


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