Bay of Biscay Spain – Travel Diaries 

As a keen traveller, I had heard so much about the beautiful villages and beach towns located on the coastline of the Basque Country. I was keen to explore the Bay of Biscay coastline, from its well preserved medieval villages, picturesque old towns,  cobbled labyrinth streets to its charming beaches. 

Northern Spain is generally ignored by tourists and truly Spain’s Bay of Biscay has so much to offer. 

It was a beautiful Monday morning  and so we decided to explore the alluring coastline of the Basque Country. My mum had come to visit us from England and with it being her last day, we thought why not make it memorable for her (and us of course!) by doing something special on her last day. So mum, hubby and I packed our bags and off we went exploring!  

The places we visited were Orio, Zarautz, Getaria, Zumaia and Deba 



Orio (not to be confused with Oreo the chocolate cookie.. Ha!) is a lovely fishing town located in the province of Gipuzkoa. It’s said the old town of Orio was built in the medieval times in the 12th century. The streets are steep, almost labyrinth like, with bright coloured balconies, cobbled pathways, strong stone structured buildings, it certainly does have a rustic feel to it. 

This charming fishing village is hidden between the mountains. The stunning contrast of the deep blue sea against the lush green mountains is exquisitive. As you drive further down, you can see the beautiful port with lively cafeteria’s and bars serving fresh cooked fish for all seafood lovers. Traditionally, as you would have guessed by now, this town attached to the sea is known popularly for its fishing. This is evident especially in the summer where you can see fishing enthusiasts in the Bay Area. Additionally, Orio is also popular for hiking, cycling, kayaking and rowing. 


After Orio, we decided to head straight down to Zarautz which reportedly is one of the wealthiest town of the province. It’s no wonder why.. 


It’s breath-takingly beautiful at onset, the natural scenery draws you in instantly. As we drove further into town, we could see a number of vineyards dotted on the hills. Northern Spain in particular is known for its vineyards, which not only are grown but offer wine tasting and making classes. After all, they have been producing it for years and have perfected the art of wine making. We’ll cheers to that! 



We parked our car outside a cafe or a bar as Spanish like to call it and decided to explore the town on foot. 


We followed the path ahead and to our surprise, found a number of caravans and camps. A lot of tourists come here for camping and is a very popular site amongst them especially during the summer. The locals say, there is no piece of land on here that isn’t parked with caravans during the height of summer. It’s literally a camping fiesta! 

We were able to spot quite a few on the day too as can be seen here in the pictures. I still can’t believe this is in December! 



As we continued walking ahead, we came across the most beautiful sight. The sea, mountains and the sky all together formed a vision of perfection. 



As we walked down the wooden planks/ steps and took in the stunning view, we lost ourselves in the the natural surroundings. It was at this moment I realised how important it was to appreciate the world around us in its natural form. Sometimes, we’re so lost in the hustle and bustle of our busy and hectic lives that we forget to take a moment to appreciate the natural beauty around us. 
I could sit at this spot all day with a good book! 

On our way back, we took a slightly different route through the trees.. My mum had spotted what seemed like a date tree. We weren’t too sure but seeing as my hubby also agreed so let’s just go with it being a date tree! ( I still had my reservations though) 😏


We also saw these beautiful rose petals scattered ever so neatly on the ground. Aren’t they just gorgeous! 

Zarautz also boasts of some of the finest surfers in the world. It hosts the Surfers  Championship in the summer which attracts a lot of sports enthusiasts. So it really is a surfers paradise! It’s easy to see why as it’s the longest beach of the Basque Country! 

Zarautz also prides itself on its culinary experience, from fresh served fish, tapas to pinxtos and so much more. You can’t go wrong, just a note make sure to have an empty belly beforehand! 


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