Bay of Biscay Spain (cont) – Travel Diaries 


After Zarautz, we headed to the beautiful town of Getaria. This happens to be one of my favourite towns as it’s impossible to resist its charm. 

Getaria is a picturesque old town, it certainly has an old world charm to it. The views surrounding are simply amazing. 

You have an old town, a port, the ocean, beaches and the green hills of the Getariako Txakolina region (known for its wine!). All of which make Getaria irresistible and a must see! 

Like Orio, Getaria is also known for its world class fishing. As you drive into town, you catch the magnificent view of the sea and mountains. Also, you can’t miss the beautiful port of Getaria, which is both a port and a marina. The sea encompassed the beautiful coloured yachts within it. The sandy beach added to the grandeur. It really was something out of a painting! 

After some research, I found that Getaria is known for being Juanito Sebastián Elcano’s hometown, who was a well known seamen for being the first man in the world to go on a round the world tour. He was captain of the Nao Victoria.

We drove down the route seen in the pic above and parked at this very stop where the picture was taken. The drive itself to these coastal towns was an experience, taking in the wonderful views topped with the lovely sunny weather was just incredible. 

On the opposite side of the sea is the old town, it has a quirky rustic feel to it. The streets are full of vintage ish street lights. We also saw what seemed like a fort and as you walked up the stairs to the top, you could see a birds eye view of the sea and the yachts.. Stunning! 


So up the stairs we went, I mean how beautiful is this.. 

As you follow the steps, this is your view from the building. You have the sea and the beach (port) on the right, the apartments on the left and what a view! 

Now, on our way back down.. 

Net, we decided to drive a little further down to the other side of the sea. The sea was rocky but even that didn’t stop the enthusiastic surfers from surfing.. I was freaking out the whole time they were catching waves… Gosh, even if I was paid a million bucks, I couldn’t do that..! 😦

Can you spot them in the pictures below.. There’s three of them

There is so much to see and do in these town, of course it’s impossible to cover them in a day so I have decided to go back to Getaria again to enjoy its culture and surroundings. As I live closer to these town, I will catch a train on a good day and explore it further. 


Our next stop was the serene town of Deba. 

Deba is where you want to escape from the crowded busy beaches and enjoy the peace and quiet whilst still enjoying your holiday and the range of activities on offer. 

( wow – the whole beach to ourselves!) 😎

During the summer, as you can imagine it’s a very busy sight with the tourists as well as the locals basking in the sunshine. I can imagine myself coming to these beach towns every day due to my close proximity of it. I feel very lucky to be living so near to the coast and it’s only when you go out and about and explore these beautiful places, do you feel truly blessed. 

The hotels and bars facing the beach.. It’s so peaceful.. I’d love to own a beach house myself! 

As you walk further down, there’s more hotels around the corner.. The train station isn’t very far from here either.. 

Aww and I also spotted this cute little fella outside.. 


Here’s the Donostia train (above) that you would catch that would visit all these beautiful coastal towns on the way and take you straight to the heart of San Sebastián.. This park was where we ended our fun little trip, had some pizza ( it was well deserved trust me!) and then decided to set home. 

It’s so amazing how you could be in one country and yet each province, town or an area could be so diverse from the other. It really did open my eyes culturally as the Basque Country is like no other.. The language, people, culture, culinary experience, the lifestyle is poles apart from anything I’ve seen. It’s beautiful, peaceful and a nice retreat for those who like to get away from their everyday busy lifestyle. 

If you haven’t been, I would highly recommend to you. This place will charm you like no other.. Come and fall in love with the Basque Country xx


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