San Sebastián – Travel Diaries 

San Sebastián or Donostia as known by the Basque people is a breathtakingly beautiful city with picture perfect beaches and an award winning culinary experience. You cannot help but fall in love with this majestic city.

San Sebastián lies on the coast of the Bay of Biscay in Spain’s Northern mountainous Basque Country. The language spoken in the basque region is Euskera.

This area is popular not only with the locals but particularly with the thousands of tourists flocking to see the picturesque shoreline that makes it a popular beach resort.

La Concha beach is amongst the famous urban beaches in Europe. A gorgeous sandy beach that is just so picture perfect, you’ll want to fall in love again and again. (Who would blame you!) 😍

So whether you’re wanting to simply relax and enjoy on the sand or to take long distance swims, this truly is a beach lovers paradise!

We only visited just this weekend gone, with the sun shining bright at 26C (that too in November!) and couldn’t wait to explore this stunning city.

We were looking forward to tasting the delicious food that is known to be world famous and the stunning architecture that draws you in instantly. Of course, not forgetting to bask in the beautiful sunshine!

As we made our way to the beach, I wasn’t one bit surprised to see it was absolutely heaving! I mean, the weather was gorgeous, stunning scenery, delicious food, fabulous music… and so much more!

We also made our way to the port, this is where boat trips depart from the port for whoever is wanting to enjoy a pleasant view of the bay.

We also managed to catch a glimpse of fishes swimming very closely to the port, we heard this is where fishermen catch fresh fishes to sell.

There were absolutely tons of them!

I feared I may drop my mobile as there were so many people together pushing through and so couldn’t go too far deep to take the picture! 😞

After we soaked in the beautiful view, we decided to head towards the Old Town. This can actually be seen from the port and the beach.

It was literally a labyrinth of narrow streets, very similar to the souks of Morocco that I experienced and was intertwined all the way through. At every step, there were shops and bars (I must’ve seen hundreds!). After all, San Sebastián is known to have the highest concentrated bars in the world! Cheers to that! 🍷

(Beautiful church – couldn’t take pics inside but was absolutely stunning!)

( San Sebastián – known to be the food capital of Europe)

There were so many shops and I couldn’t help but do a bit of retail therapy myself. My hubby very kindly treated me to a lovely floral embroidered jacket which is perfect for summer (will go with a ton of my summer maxis) very chic!

Even before I could decide whether I needed it or not, he had already paid for it at the counter! It was for €42, I felt perhaps a tad too dear as it was a very light fabric but he was having none of it. Very sweet I must say! 😍

We then came across a Square like Plaza where International Film Festivals are held. This is where you get to see the artists and actors promoting their work. I can’t wait to catch a glimpse of my fave celebrities in the summer festival 2016..!

(I believe these are apartments and they all have their individual numbers – how cute!)

Sadly, living in San Sebastián does not come cheap, it is said to be a very wealthy city and it reflects in its prices.. I can only wish to win the lottery so that I can add one of those numbered apartments to my list.. Hey, no harm in dreaming! 😝

I would highly recommend everyone visiting San Sebastián at least once, it’s one of those places that offer rich culture, amazing culinary experience, retail therapy, sandy beaches and so much more.. Just open your senses and  take this beautiful city in.. You won’t be disappointed!

Until next time, as they say in the Basque language, Es etorri berriro! (Do come again!) xx


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