Review: Benefit’s   They’re real mascara

Hola amigos! 

Today’s post is going to be a review of Benefit’s they’re real mascara. 

I must admit, I was drawn to these instantly due to all the hype from magazines to YouTube beauty guru’s raving about this little wonder. Normally, I always try to test the products for myself first (those freebies in the magazines are simply ah-mazing for this!) than buying into the latest beauty fad but I was very pleasantly surprised. 

As I only had a few days left for Spain, I decided to pop into my local Boots store and pick all the beauty essentials that I needed. I’ve been using the Lancome mascara since I can remember, though it works exceptionally well but I wanted to try something new. Hence, my desire for this mascara grew more and more. 

So, as I was walking past the Benefit counter, I realised that for £19.50 they had the full size they’re real mascara, travel size they’re real remover and push up liner all included in the set! Normally, the mascara itself sells for 19.50 alone. 

I opened the packaging to make sure it was a full size mascara, which to my delight it was. (I’ve had various incidents in the past where I’ve paid  for kits thinking it would be a full size item and have accumulated a ton of travel sizes instead!) 😩

 The lady at the counter mentioned it was a limited time only promotion and as I went to pay for it, the price was knocked further to £17.50! Woah, needless to say I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat! 😺

Being very happy with my purchase, I decided to put it to test the very next day as I had planned a day out in London. I needed a mascara that can stay on for hours as I wanted minimum touch up throughout the day. 

Let me just say, don’t let the scary looking wand put you off, it looks something straight from the medieval times but this little wand is a badass! 

It takes a bit of getting used to but once you’ve mastered the art of applying the mascara from this wand, this thing is gonna stick to your lashes like bee to honey! Seriously, this is when you need the they’re real removers to budge this stuff. It really stays put all day, gives you these long sexy seductive eyelashes. If you’re not a fan of falsies, or someone like me who cannot put them on to save their lives, then this mascara is a great option for you. 

So let’s start with the pro’s; 

* It gives you definition, volume, length and doesn’t smudge. It comes very close to giving you the feel of having false eye lashes on!  

* It has tremendous staying power, I mean you can go on a run and sweat like crazy and this thing will not budge. Though, this is also a con which I will explain below 

* It really makes your eyes pop, if you want a dramatic evening look, then coat your lashes with the mascara twice and voila! 

The cons; 

* Though this mascara has incredible staying power, it is a nightmare to take off. Luckily, I had the travel size remover in the kit included already but seriously I could’ve used all the oils, lotions and potions in my cupboard and this thing would not have budged! 

* It comes with a hefty price tag, £19.50 for a mascara may seem a little ambitious and there are various drugstore brands that would come close to doing the same job. Having said that, you only need to layer the product once and instantly your eyes pop! 

* The wand has to be the scariest looking device ever, it takes a lot of getting used to.. (Beware mascara phobia is a thing!) 

I have to say in all fairness, I know for some this mascara is a signature product in their beauty bags and for others, maybe it doesn’t work as well. Though it is a little daunting at first to use, with practise and time, it really does get easier. I find I have incredible length and volume and I especially love using it for days when I need to be out for hours and don’t necessary have enough time to touch up my makeup. It’s also great for my dramatic makeup days, where I really need my eyes to be doing all the talking.. 

Please do share your thoughts, any ideas and tips on applying or better still removing the darn thing! 😁 which benefit item is your favourite, Fave mascara’s etc..  I’d love to hear from you guys xxx


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