Goodbye Summer :( 


Hello lovelies, 

Ok so now that I have things back on track and my move to Spain is in just over a week, I have managed to free myself from all the stress and all the endless errands that I had been running in the last month or two.. Phew! So hooray to my new weekly posts coming soon! 

P.s pic above was taken last month at the Varsity Club on the rooftop in Oxford. It was for my leaving drinks  from work 😔

However, as I write this Summer is almost over and *drum roll* here comes Autumn!! 🍂🌰🍂

Now as much as I love Summer, I must confess Autumn is actually my favourite season. I love how the leaves change colour, the slight chill in the air, yummy pumpkin soups, wrapping up in woolly scarves and hats, the fire log, conker fights and my personal favourite day of the month in October – you guessed it Halloween! 🎃🎃🎃

I really am looking forward to seeing the Spanish way of celebrating Halloween and other such festivals during this season. I’ve always loved the Spanish culture and now to live there and see it at such close quarters is just going to be amazing. I will also be celebrating my Birthday away from home this year so that should also be fun! (Which reminds me gotta start sending feelers to hubby for that watch I have my eye on 😏) lol! 

I am so curious to know how the month of October will unfold for me.. I’m really excited about this new phase of my life and cannot wait for this magical ride to begin.. I fly on the 6th of October so my next post will probably be from Spain.. Until then hope you enjoy what’s left of this month and let’s end this year on a high note! 

Please do share your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you all. Until then Ciao xxx


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