DIY-ing my presents.. Fathers Day


Hello everyone! 

So my dad unlike the majority of dads doesn’t readily accept any presents or gifts, it is a mammoth task to even present a card to him. So this year, I thought why not do some DIY myself and that way it will have a more sentimental value attached to it and there’s no way my dad will be able to say No. 

I had downloaded this wonderful app not so long ago and it shows you how to DIY gifts, make unique stuff for home and outdoors and basically is really handy for general life hacks, a term I just came across recently .. Something that makes things more efficient, almost like a short cut.. I feel quite the cool kid now! 😏

Dare I say, I’d like to think I’m quite a creative soul myself and thought this will be just perfect for me! So I bought a couple of mason jars (those glass jars used for storing kitchen food), shiny ribbon, some nick nacks I wanted to out in the jars (preferably my dad’s favourite sweets) and soon enough I had my dad’s favourite candy/sweets within a beautiful personalised jar all ready! I was mega pleased and it literally took me minutes.. I thought why not do this for friends and families birthdays, Christmas gifts and other occasions! 

I’m thinking of taking this one step further and try attempting to make my own candles and lampshades for the house. Of course this is going to require lots of practise and patience but I really want to challenge my artistic skills.. 

Something on the lines of these…

How beautiful would these look, the black lace is just stunning! 

Some much neutral lace and cotton twine 


Gosh, how beautiful is this!! I’m really keen to do something similar with the lightbulb.. I think it looks so unique and striking, it would draw everyone’s attention to the room or garden. 

So over the next few weeks, I will aim to do as much DIY as I possibly can.. Wish me luck! 

In the meantime if you have any advice or suggestions, please drop me a comment.. I’d love to hear your input and how else I can improve on my future DIY projects.. Until then Adios! Xxx


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