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The Georgian city of Bath is a wonderful place to visit, full of fine buildings, breathtakingly beautiful architecture, enthralling history, riverbanks, and most famous of them all the Roman Baths. 

As soon as I arrived at the Bath train station, I sensed that this was going to be a unique and a wonderful day. Thankfully it was a beautiful sunny day too! The build up of beautiful images of the buildings I saw neatly in a row through the train window was just splendid. Being equipped with a map and my camera in hand, I was due to experience what this magical city had in store for me. 




As I walked out of the train station, I knew I had to see the famous Roman Baths. It wasn’t very far from the train station itself, around 10 mins of a walk. As I got there, as anticpated the long queues were in full force. It was a beautiful sunny day and therefore the delays were going to be even longer. There were also a great deal of awe struck tourists, though it did take a lot longer, the wait was definitely worth it. The ticket to the Roman Baths cost £14 for an adult, you were also given an audio which was wonderful as it talked through the history of the Roman Baths and shared lots of other interesting facts along the way. 





Here is a little bit of history for you as per the brochure..  

Bath’s main attraction dates from the first century AD. The Romans arriving next at this loop in the River Avon at a spot where mineral-rich water escaped from the bowels of the earth at a constant temperature of 46C decided to make use of this natural phenomena and founded Aquae Sulis. The baths are remarkably well preserved, though no longer used. Adjoining the baths is a symbol of the city’s golden age in the Georgian period – the Pump Room – where the fashion conscious elite, encouraged by Beau Nash and others, came to “take the waters”. 


The lovely green water was just so pleasing to the eye. It felt like I had gone back in history. Now I release why the Romans would sit there all day! 

My next sight was the Royal Crescent. 

It is the most photographed building in Bath. It stands beautifully tall and towering over like a crescent as the name suggests. According to the brochure, it was designed by John Wood the Younger and built in the second half of the 18th century. Within the building are 30 individual houses, the middle two of which are now a hotel whilst No.1 houses a museum containing a perfectly restored Georgian townhouse interior. 









Wow magnificent isn’t it? I was simply in awe of the stunning architecture and detail work, it took my breath away! 

After all that sightseeing I had to find a place to sit down to take a moment and absorb all the beauty, I had heard of the San Francisco Fudge Factory and it was highly recommended on the visit bath website. 

Let me tell you, their hand made fudge is the most yummiest thing ever.. Gosh, I could eat there all day everyday! 


This is the worktop where all the yummy treats are made fresh on a daily basis. The lady was kind enough to let me take a picture of it. I can’t even describe in words how beautiful and yummy they taste. Needless to say, I had to buy some (ok lots!) of treats to take home with me. 



Of course, you can’t go to Bath and not indulge in some retail therapy and I for one wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. So I headed to Bath Central and shopped till I dropped (quite literally)! 

There were so many shops to choose from, even their Primark looked classy! Don’t believe me? Check this pic out! 


Seriously, you would think you’re in a premium/high fashion outlet. All the shops looked beautiful because of the stunning buildings, it was surreal! 

I would highly recommend visiting the Bea’s Tea House which had a 1930/1940’s theme to it, from the cups to the decor! It’s almost like you’re in a time warp. 

Other places I visited; 

Pulteney Bridge, Riverside Cafe/Restaurant, Museum of East Asian Art, Parks and lots of walking! 

Ahhh it was just a perfect day out, a stunning city and beautiful weather.. Perfect match! I fell in love with it completely, I would certainly go back again and again! 


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  1. Wow! I love the classy Primark lool… Didn’t realise how beautiful Bath is. You might’ve just made me really want to visit now!

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