Say hello to Summer..! 

Hello friends! 



First of all, can I please take a moment to apologise for being absent for a while. Though this is no excuse, I had just started a new job some time back and sadly my random ramblings took a back seat.  But the good news is, I’m back and so is the start of Summer!!

Woah did you guys catch the sunshine today..! ☀️ Today was just such a beautiful and pleasant day, with temperatures set to rise more so over the coming days. Who needs to escape abroad for a holiday.. (I may have to eat my words as anything is possible in good ol’ Britain!) but if my weather app is anything to go by, it sure seems like  we’ll be bringing Majorca here.. 😛

I have therefore decided I will try and visit as many locations in and around Oxfordshire specifically on my week off starting from next week. So please keep an eye out as I will be taking you all with me and we’ll experience together what Oxfordshire has to offer. 

 I will also cover a post on Oxford too, it’s where I live and just a breathtakingly beautiful city. It truly is a city of Dreaming Spires.. There are so many hidden gems which I’ll reveal in my future post on this magnificent town. So keep an eye out! 


This was just a short and sweet post to say I’m back and thank you for stopping by and reading my posts. It is very much appreciated. 

For now, I hope you enjoy basking in the sunshine and hope it’s a jam packed ah-maaazing weather week for you all. Remember, summer is upon us so let’s face the sun and create memories! 

” The tans will fade but the memories will last forever” anon

P.S if you have any suggestions/recommendations reg summer trends, wardrobe, fashion/beauty, festivals, and so forth. Please do let me know below, I’d love to hear from you x


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