Spain – Travel Diaries

Hola amigos!

The second instalment of my travel diaries is going to be on the beautiful Spain!


Spain was one of the first places I went to on a holiday, its culture and beauty always fascinated me and when my friends and I were planning a holiday, there was no other choice but Spain. Since then, I must have visited Spain numerous times now and soon enough it will become a second home as hubby and I are planning to stay some time there.. Very exciting!

My first destination was to Malaga, the southern Spain of Costa Del Sol. As the name suggests it literally is a coast of the sun. ☀️
With warm temperature and sunshine, it was a perfect getaway to relax and unwind. (With tons of pampering session of course!)

(Stunning view from our balcony in Valencia)

I love taking strolls on the streets, with beautiful quirky cafe’s found at every nook and cranny. The locals were ever so friendly. Just sitting outside and soaking the culture was just a nice treat.

Below, Reataurante Chino is one of the stunning restaurants we went to, the decor simply eye catching! 

We ordered some yummy oriental food, consisting of prawns and rice. It was simply mouth-watering! 

There are absolutely tons of beaches all around Spain, it really is difficult to say which one is the most eye catching. The answer is, all of them. They are all just so unique and beautiful in their own way, that you have to just enjoy being there and take it all in. Also, pretty much all the beaches in this area are all deep, leaving space for everyone to enjoy the warmth of th sunshine no matter what time of the year. 


(Beach in Torrevieja, Spain) 

There is so much to see and do in Costa Del Sol, whether it’s soaking in the cultural heritage, trying out amazing dishes, visiting the theatres and galleries, shopping or simply feeling the hospitality and warmth of the locals!

Another great city to explore is the port city of Valencia. It is the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona.
Valencia is a strong bustling city with lots of striking architecture, miles of beaches, lively nightlife and most importantly gorgeous weather.

Here are some of the beautiful pics of this city..




(Beach in Guardamar, Spain) 




I especially look forward to all the cultural events and festivals that take place in Spain. There’s a festival called Las Fellas – where the entire city goes up in flames every March. Starting March 15th, people in Valencia dedicate a full five day to pay homage to the Saint of Carpenters, St Joseph by eating, drinking, partying and constructing gigantic elaborate figures (fallas). ✨✨
(A park in Torrevieja where all these cute munchkins live below) 

( A park near the Guardamar beach – Alicante full of cute little animals.. Loved spotting the bright coloured peacocks!) 

I’m also thinking of hiring a car and taking a road trip all over Spain when I settle there. So if any of you have already done so, I would love to hear back from you. I’ve started my research but any help/suggestion would be highly welcome!

Whether it’s the first or the fifth time you’ve been to Spain, this stunning country will never cease to amaze and will certainly leaving a lasting impression!

I would love to hear about your experiences of the festivals/cultural events in Spain, which destinations you went to and generally what you though of it.. Please do leave your responses x


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  1. Aww that’s the sweetest thing ever, the comment just made my day! ☺️ Thanks very much for your encouraging words my lovely and I really hope you enjoy your stay here.. Thanks for following! I love your blog too! 😘 xxx

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