Bicester Village.. Shoppers delight?!


I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t heard of Bicester Village.. For those friends outside of the UK, let me tell you it is a Mecca for all things designer. There are plenty of outlets from Armani, Ralph Lauren, YSL, Michael Kors to Burberry and more! You will be spoilt for choice. Ha!

It’s located in Bicester, Oxfordshire and has very quickly become a tourist attraction. I could spend a whole day there! (If only I had a bank account that resembled my telephone number!) 😬

Bicester Village (or BV) is definitely a place to go if you want designer brands/labels for less. Well, I say less but you could still end up spending a fortune even after the discounted prices! I recommend going into the outlet office at the beginning where you’re given a 10% voucher to use off your shopping. The queues can be horrendous through!

If you’re lucky, you could also bump into a famous celeb or two. I remember, when members of the Kuwait Royal family were spotted in the shopping centre. You normally can tell from the all the entourage and bodyguards holding bags and bags of shopping. (I was lucky enough to work for the Armani outlet and celeb spotting was the cherry on the cake!) 😍

The village itself looks like a film location with a fleet of Mercedes, BMW’s, and an odd Ferrari parked in the car park as you approach it.

There’s also this lovely restaurant called Carluccio’s (pic below) which is a must for some delicious treats!


The only drawback is, there’s very limited places to eat out in BV itself, you have your Pret a Manger, Starbucks, a lovely restaurant named Carluccio’s (pic above) and my personal favourite Italian ice cream stand called Amorino , that offers a vast selection of ice creams, from tiramisu, pistachio, dark chocolate to lemon sorbet.. (There’s really a huge mouthwatering selection to choose from. Literally heaven..! If you happen to go, do check it out!)

Also, parking is a nightmare, I’d suggest to park in the 2 storey car park and to walk to the shops instead. It may take a while but as there’s always cars coming and leaving, you will surely find a spot.

I would refrain from parking outside of the entrance car park as it’s almost like finding a needle in a haystack!

All in all, it’s a beautiful shopping outlet with stunning luxury shops and striking scenery all around.. You really do end up feeling like a celebrity by the end of it, why not I say! 😝 Although you could end up emptying your bank balance by the end of the day (sigh!), a visit to this beautiful village is surely deserved.

So, if you’re heading to bag a bargain or simply to enjoy a day out, BV will leave a lasting impression for sure!

So ladies, what do you think of BV? Any hints on grabbing a bargain? Any other suggestions? Does anyone work in any one of the outlet stores? I would love to know x



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