Tunisia – Travel Diaries

Marhaba my beautiful friends,

The first instalment of my travel diaries is going to be on Tunisia.


I visited Tunisia in April 2014 and it was an experience worth reliving again. It was a beautiful country with a rich Muslim culture and heritage and your senses will be overwhelmed by the sound, taste and smell of this beautiful and lively North African country.

Through this post, I’m going to let you in on my personal experiences and what I thought of my journey to this picture prefect country. Though, it is the smallest country in North Africa, it surely packs a lot in! 

My sister and I were booked in at a lovely hotel at Yasmine Hammamet, which is especially a popular destination as it’s the first tourist destination in the country.

The hotel was lovely and only 5 mins away from the beach, literally at the doorstep. The staff members of the hotel were also very polite and helpful and if you happened to throw in a few Arabic words in your conversations, then probably you would be the centre of attention there! Ha! ( I highly recommend lonely planet Arabic book! )

They are a really friendly bunch of people so words like “Shukran” Thank you are highly appreciated when running errands and getting things done.

Here are a few to help you out;

Hello: Ahalan or Salam
Excuse me: min fadlak/fadlik
Thank you: Shukran
My name is: Ismee ( your name)
Yes: Na’am
No: La

You have to be a little careful as sometimes there can be quite a few men lurking around in the corners of the streets so I always recommended taking someone with you. It’s normally a safe place but always have someone around with you or travel in group/s where and when possible and refrain from travelling alone.

Moving over to the exciting part, we managed to book ourselves on an excursion of 2 days where we would be visiting all the popular places in Tunisia and covering 80% of the country. We certainly couldn’t say no to that!

We had a friendly Thomas Cook representative who booked us in and was also one of our guide for the duration of the excursion. I would highly recommend this as it was reasonably priced (£75 ish) and you would get the chance to see all the exciting places on offer in only 2 days.

The first day consisted of a Sahara Explorer, we visited El-Djem amphitheatre (where part of Gladiator movie was shot), Roman ruins, riding camels on Sahara sand dunes, a very nice horse and buggy ride, eating fresh dates and then staying overnight in a 5 star hotel. It was a very hectic day but ever so thrilling. We unpacked at the hotel in the evening and went straight to the restaurant where amazing Tunisian dishes were on offer as well as providing Continental and European cuisine. I especially loved the yummy Tunisian dessert ( sadly can’t remember the name) and couldn’t get enough of it.. Yum!

  (Our horse carriage ride!) 

(The Roman ruins – where part of the Gladiator movie was shot) 
The next morning, after breakfast we had a fleet of 4×4’s waiting outside our hotel to take us to the Sahara Desert. Now this is one adventure you won’t wanna miss! The land cruisers were in full speed and the sudden drop in the dunes was no less than a thriller ride!
I must admit, it was a great adrenaline rush!
After our exhilarating ride of the great Sahara Desert, we headed over to the Futuristic Star Wars set, where some of the instalments of the movie were shot. It was definitely an out of body experience for me as it felt like you were staring at a magnanimous movie set. The sets were still visible despite the movie having been shot decades ago. It was just incredible!


Finally, we spent our last day of the trip by the beach, it was just so peaceful and luckily for us there were hardly any people around. It was just so peaceful! 


My trip to Tunisia sadly was for a week only and truly there was so much to soak in and experience. So whether you want to experience the exhilarating ride on the desert dunes, the bustling cities or the perfect beaches, then head over to Tunisia!
Have you guys been? Which place/location did you like? Did you visit any of the Gladiator/ Star Wars set?


Amphitheatre – where the lions were let loose for the Gladiator movie for one of the film scenes) 


(The beautiful Yasmine Beach on Yasmine Hammamt resort outside of  our hotel) 

What did you think of Tunisia, did you manage to catch the movie sets? Horse ride maybe? Do share x


5 thoughts on “Tunisia – Travel Diaries

  1. Ahh it was so lovely, I really enjoyed the trip. My sister and I had such a girly trip which was so nice and relaxing for a change.. haha! Tunisians are just so polite there.. I’m hoping to cover Spain for this summer IA, so let’s see how that goes 💕😉 xx

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